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The DiPoteres have been around in one form or another, since almost the beginning of Sims 2.  They have manifested several times in different legacy attempts and had stories hosted on different blogs.  Starting with Eliza, below, I attempted to make sense of some of the old DiPotere pictures I had, and incorporate them into one massive story about the struggles this family had with trying to make it to ten generations.  So far, Generation III is as far as I’ve gotten before something happens to ruin it all.  Thus, the name Cursed.

You will notice much of the DiPotere’s story is hosted on this WordPress blog.  The parts that are not, the Diaryland pages, I apologize profusely for.  I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  The pictures are awful, horrible things, and the story-writing is mediocre.  A while ago I started a project to re-do the early DiPotere years, so to speak, and I got quite a bit done.  Currently, I still think of going back and re-doing the awful ones, but real life often says, “NO.”  It’s miraculous when I get my weekly update done on time, let alone extras.  🙂

I try to keep everything updated here.  The Dipotere Curse starts with Eliza, and I recommend you read it from beginning to end.  If you don’t have time for all that, just start with Allie’s story.  I’ve tried to work enough backstory in that it makes sense.  Last, but not least, feel free to comment, here or at my LJ.  I love hearing from readers, even if it’s just to say hi.

Thanks for reading,


Generation One: Eliza



Chapter One * Chapter Two * Chapter Three * Chapter Four * Chapter Five

Chapter Six * Chapter Seven * Chapter Eight * Chapter Nine * Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven * Chapter Twelve * Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen * Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen * Chapter Seventeen * Chapter Eighteen


Generation Two: Mirabella

2.1: Mirabella’s Blog, Entry #1

2.2:  Mirabella’s Blog, Entry #2

2.3:  Mirabella’s Blog, Entry #3

2.4:  Mirabella’s Blog, Entry #4

2.5:  A Letter from Maria


The DiPotere Legacy, Part II

Generation I: Bianca DiPotere

Chapter One – Welcome to Strangetown
Chapter Two – Miss Emmy Arrives
Chapter Three – An Invitation
Chapter Four – An Unwanted Visitor
Chapter Five – A Welcome Intrusion
Chapter Six – A Live-In Nanny
Chapter Seven – A Feeling in the Air
Chapter Eight – An Unusual Act
Chapter Nine – An Unnatural Love
Chapter Ten – Of Love and Language
Chapter Eleven – Don’t Talk to Strangers
Chapter Twelve – Memories of the Past over Pancakes at Night
Chapter Thirteen – The Blogger
Chapter Fourteen – Awakenings
Chapter Fifteen – Questions
Chapter Sixteen – Reflections
Chapter Seventeen – Looking for the Curse
Chapter Eighteen – The Curse Revealed
Chapter Nineteen – Voices in my Head
Chapter Twenty – The Man in Black
Chapter Twenty-One – Choices
Chapter Twenty-Two: Dear Mom
Chapter Twenty-Three: Into the Dark
Chapter Twenty-Four: Where Evil Resides
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Unseen is Revealed
Chapter Twenty-Six: Reflections
Chapter Twenty Seven: Visions
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Choosing Sides
Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Little Cabin in the Wood
Chapter Thirty: Telephonic
Chapter Thirty-One: Sadness and Sorrow
Chapter Thirty-Two: Empty
Chapter Thirty-Three: Red
Chapter Thirty-Four: Homecoming
Chapter Thirty-Five: Time Flies When You’re with Bella
Chapter Thirty-Six: The Passage of Time
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fire in the House
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Goodbye, Old Friend
Chapter Thirty-Nine: A Decision is Made
Generation II: Allie’s Story
Dom & Allie - med
Chapter One: Walking in the Rain
Chapter Two: Allie’s Side
Chapter Three: An Invitation
Chapter Four: Allie and Dominick
Chapter Five: Roommates
Chapter Six: A New Beginning
Chapter Seven: What About Red?
Chapter Eight:  Maria’s Realization
Chapter Nine: Allie’s College Years
Chapter Ten:  Going Home
Chapter Eleven:  Mom
Chapter Twelve:  All Together Again
Chapter Thirteen:  Catching Up in Strangetown
Chapter Fourteen:  A Founder’s Birthday
Chapter Fifteen:  Ruminating over Coffee at Night
Chapter Sixteen:  One Last Hoorah
Chapter Seventeen:  Maria Gets the News
Chapter Eighteen:  Goodbye Miss Emmy
Chapter Nineteen:  A Stranger Among Us
Chapter Twenty:  Choices, Always Choices
Chapter Twenty-One:  Answers and More Questions
Chapter Twenty-Two:  Once Upon a Time (Lazlo’s Story)
Chapter Twenty-Three:  Conversations in the Dark, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Four:  Conversations in the Dark, Part Two
Chapter Twenty-Five:  Conversations in the Dark, Part Three
Chapter Twenty-Six:  Maria Goes Home
Chapter Twenty-Seven:  Red’s Decision
Chapter Twenty-Eight:  Advancing Toward Evil, Part One: Maria’s Role
Chapter Twenty-Nine:  Advancing Toward Evil, Part Two: Plans Change
Chapter Thirty:  Into the Witch’s Lair
Chapter Thirty-One:  The Rescue
Chapter Thirty-Two:  Escape is Never Easy
Chapter Thirty-Three:  A New Addition to the Family
Chapter Thirty-Four:  The Missing One, Part I
Chapter Thirty-Five:  The Missing One, Part II
Chapter Thirty-Six:  The Missing One, Part III
Chapter Thirty-Seven:  When Everything Goes Wrong
Chapter Thirty-Eight:  Just Another Day
Chapter Thirty-Nine:  Hello, and Goodbye, Part I
Chapter Forty:  Hello, and Goodbye, Part II
Chapter Forty-One:  Hello, and Goodbye, Part III


Chapter Forty-Two:  NAME
Chapter Forty-Three:  NAME
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