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2.66 A Visitor

September 18, 2016

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She should have been so happy.

Aeryn was the baby of her dreams – beautiful, calm and happy. But Allie was unsettled. Corbin was the best kind of dad. He had taken to the roll with enthusiasm and joy, even when the news was sprung on him unexpectedly. So why was he being so stand offish? It had to be the news of the family curse, but she’d thought – really, really thought – he of all men would be able to handle it.

She wished more than ever that her mother were there.

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No more had she thought the thought, when she felt the first tingles of supernatural energy. In a blink, her mother was there.

“My darling Allie,” Bianca said, the ghostly echo playing on her voice. “Look at you, and look at this beautiful baby. Why so sad?”

 photo 02.66.03_zpsvairbdbx.jpg

“Mom, oh Mom,” Allie said. She wanted to throw her arms around Bianca and feel the warmth that was always there. But she knew it wouldn’t be the same. Her arms would meet in the midst of the apparition of her mother, and would only find air. But still, she was here. Sometimes, it’s okay to be a DiPotere, Allie thought.

“It’s Corbin, Mom. I told him everything, and now I’m afraid he’s going to leave. He hasn’t even held Aeryn, not once, and he barely even looks at me. I think I’ve lost him. He just couldn’t handle the truth of what we are.” Allie hung her head and expected a kind word from her mother. There would be no more warm hugs, but there could be at least her mother’s kind heart.

 photo 02.66.04_zpsg1ubtbts.png

But Bianca’s spirit only drifted by, and as Allie and Aeryn watched, she floated towards the door. “You should have known better dear…a family curse and a child with power beyond reason? Give him time, and purpose…he’ll be there for you both.”

“Mom!” Allie said. “Don’t go!”

 photo 02.66.05_zps6qn2fupi.png

“Ghosts must keep moving dear…” her mother said, as she vanished through the door.

“Time and purpose,” Allie said. “Time and purpose.” Well, she thought, there’s no time like now. And with a deep breath, she set baby Aeryn on the floor and walked away.

 photo 02.66.06_zps48qsg94u.jpg

It didn’t take long for Corbin to appear. He saw his new baby girl on the floor, and Allie was no where to be found. What the hell, he thought, and walked over to where Aeryn lay. She looked so small, so helpless. Not at all like a powerful witch. Just a teeny, tiny baby, who looked at him and smiled as she waggled her feet and hands.

He bent down and gently – so gently – picked her up and held her in his strong arms. “Sweet girl,” he sang, “my sweet baby girl…”

 photo 02.66.07_zpsc9vu1ikf.jpg

As he sang softly, he felt the lightest breeze. Though he could not see her, he sensed the supernatural presence of Bianca.

 photo 02.66.08_zpsoj5aq6bb.jpg

She leaned in and whispered in his ears. “You are strong enough, you are brave enough, and you will be the only one to hold your family up when it threatens to fall apart.”

I just don’t know, he thought, but at the same time, he held his baby girl a little bit tighter.

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