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2.59 – Aniello Grows Up

November 22, 2015

 photo 89b5e95b-e446-4486-b7f1-039626e0b569_zpsxfvl87vo.jpg

Aniello transitioned on a warm sunny day.  It was a family event –  Allie and Corbin, Maria and her clan, Phebe, Caprice, and of course Tank.  Bianca’s heart filled up to see her growing family under the same roof.  She was so proud of her girls.

If only Joel were here to see this, she thought.

 photo 2cded440-7e3c-4a8e-81ad-6b82d793e0fa_zpspr1mtda0.jpg

She had to be careful, with so many visitors, not to get found out.  Her heart had been aching all day, and she knew she was due for another dose.  She didn’t know if her girls would be mad or not, and she didn’t want to find out.  They all had enough going on, each in their own way, to worry about their old mother.

Bianca snuck upstairs and turned on the shower, just to throw anyone who came looking for her off the trail.  They were all so busy downstairs gabbing and celebrating that she wasn’t too worried, but still.  No one needed to know.

She crept into her secret room.  It was locked, in a way.  Not physically locked, which would arouse suspicion.  This room was locked with magic, it’s door covered with a deception spell.  To anyone else, even to Allie, the room was simply an old, unused closet.  But in reality, it was anything but.

 photo 02.59.02_zps8jvjm8lm.jpg

Bianca had never forgotten her own long ago lessons from Miss Emmy, though she’d given up the search for the Curse when she handed the reins over to Allie.  But magic came in handy for many things, especially for taking care of that nagging ache that came into her heart from time to time.  She knew there were risks.

 photo ghostb_zpsjqzaih5h.png

She knew one day, the magic potion would take it’s toll, that Grim would come for her.  But until that day came, no one in her family need know just how close he was to calling.

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