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2.57 – Introductions

November 7, 2015

Allie knew her mother was right. In the days that followed, she decided to get serious. No more, this flitting around from thing to thing. It was time to focus, and there was only one real purpose that needed to be focused on – the Curse.

 photo snapshot_12fd694e_e34192af_zpsu5gq2vld.jpg

Allie went to work at night and studied during the day. She was thankful her mother and Caprice were so devoted to Aniello. He was loved, and growing well, even if she couldn’t spend as much time as she’d like with him. She hoped he knew she loved him, for she did – with every ounce of her being. But she also knew, if she didn’t make progress toward finding the answer to the DiPotere Curse, his future would be in danger, as would the future of all the DiPoteres.

There was also the pesky problem of a female heir.

 photo 2.57.3_zpsbw8agbti.png

Corbin Gray was truly happy to hear from Allie. He’d enjoyed their time together on her vacation to the East.  Oh, he’d had other flings before – considered it a great perk of life in a tourist town, in fact. But Allie was different. She was special in a way he couldn’t quite figure out, and he had thought of her often these past few years. So when she called out of the blue and said she’d love to see him again, Corbin was more than happy to plan a visit.

 photo 2.57.3_zpsglx9kqwe.jpg

Allie stood outside, trying not to have a panic attack as she waited for the taxi to arrive. As Corbin stepped out of the cab and into the sunlight, Allie smiled. She’d forgotten how handsome he was. They embraced, and it was as if the years melted away.

 photo 2.57.2_zpssk2np9qk.jpg

Allie felt confident again. Her plan would work. It had to. She took Corbin by the hand and mentally prepared herself to introduce the man to his son.

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