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2.55 — Remodeling Projects

October 31, 2015

 photo 2.55-4_zps7ulic2v1.jpg

“I think turquoise is what I want…” Bianca said, as Red scribbled down notes and measurements.  “And we want to take down that wall and just open the whole thing up…”

 photo 2.55-1_zpslzkarqdq.jpg

Red was only half listening, though, as Bianca shared her vision for a new kitchen space.  The other half of his attention was directed out the window, to the back yard, where Aniello played and Allie and Maria talked.  He wished he could still hear their thoughts, or read lips, or something.  This not knowing was torture.

 photo 2.55-2_zpswwtpapcy.jpg

All he knew was it couldn’t end like this.  Generations of DiPoteres missing, a force of Darkness controlling the town, and all those years of hard work he and Miss Emmy had put in to try and uncover the truth.  It couldn’t be for nothing.  But Allie was getting older, and if she didn’t give birth to a female child who would be heir, the line of DiPotere witches would end.  And who knows what would happen then.

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