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2.52 Conversations: Allie Looks in the Mirror

February 28, 2015

 photo 2.52a_zpsc7dczc9g.png

You have it all.


 photo 2.52.b_zpsiuraq7ej.png
No, really, Allie, think.


 photo 2.52b_zpsu1geoe8w.png

You have a beautiful baby boy, your mother is healthy and strong, Caprice has moved back in to help out and dote on little Aniello, and that’s not even mentioning your exciting job in Blackwater and the current state of peace and quiet in Strangetown.

 photo 2.52c_zpsmxa8rhxe.png

You have friends nearby and some that are just a phone call away, and of course, you have Maria down the road to call on for all those new baby questions.

 photo 2.52.d_zpsmgiga2iz.png

You, girl, have it all.


 photo 2.52e_zpsf2c3rm95.png

So, why aren’t you happy? What is it you want, anyway?

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