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2.48 Moving On

May 9, 2014

 photo c8e8190a-c128-4a81-ac5d-bfe871cb2d8e_zpsb44c9ef7.png

The next day, Bianca felt rejuvenated. She put on a new summer dress and decided to visit some more of the local Zen gardens. Why don’t they have these in Strangetown, she wondered to herself as she strolled through the lush greenery and breathtaking settings. Oh, yeah, because nothing grows there. Well, maybe I can change that.

 photo 024801b_zps9b951fb1.png

She strolled through every garden she could find within walking distance from the hotel. When she was hungry, she ate. When she was thirsty, she had some tea. And when she was aching from the walk, she got a massage. The life, she thought, this is the life.

 photo 024801d_zps3a97bc42.png

Night fell and still she roamed. Her thoughts turned to Joel. Oh, honey, you would have loved this, she thought. But, this time, her heart filled with warmth instead of sadness.



 photo 024802b_zpsc01de6e6.png

Allie, meanwhile, was putting her plan to action. This time, when she ran into Corbin by the pool, she invited him up to her suite for a drink. And though the diamond still gleamed on Allie’s finger, he happily accepted.

 photo 024802a_zpsab99bd9a.png

Allie couldn’t believe how easy the whole thing was.

 photo 024803_zpsbb8fd9ee.png

It was only later, as she sat and steamed in the sauna, that she began to wonder.

What have I done?

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