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2.46 Bringing Mom Back

April 12, 2014

 photo 23a6355e-1fb8-445b-9617-e5d64a944fb3_zpse0bc0d36.jpg

“Hey Phebe. Yeah, you heard right. Weldon and I are done. No, I’m sure it’s the right thing to do. I just couldn’t, you know? I need to be with someone who won’t keep secrets from me. But the big reason I called is Mom.”

 photo phone16_zpse00f92ae.jpg

“She’s a wreck, Pheebs. Everyone said, ‘Give her time, give her time,’ but it’s been months, Phebe. Months. And she’s not getting better.”

 photo phone15_zps1551ee3f.jpg

“She wears the same grubby sweatshirt all day, every day, and just sits and stares. We’re losing her, Phebe.”

 photo phone01_zps5b9c0db1.jpg

“Oh, I totally wish I could come home, Allie. I don’t know what to do either. We can’t lose Mom, we just can’t.”

“Hey, weren’t you and Weldon going on some fancy vacation?”

 photo 16602f53-bd57-4ff6-9d12-d788c9f11383_zpsb327ddbc.jpg

“Ug, don’t remind me. We were fighting about why I couldn’t leave Mom to go with him even before the whole Army thing happened. Seriously, how did he think I could leave her at a time like this?”

“Sure, the reservations are in my name, why?”

 photo phone02_zps7d422a88.jpg

“Why not take Mom on the vacation? It’d do both of you some good, you know. I’m sure you’re bordering on exhaustion yourself. There’s no sense in a good trip going to waste.”

 photo phone03_zps5de2f608.jpg

“You know what? I will take her on that trip. I will.”

 photo phone14_zpsd43caf44.jpg

“I have to do something, Phebe. We have to bring her back.”

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