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2.44 Life Goes On

March 16, 2014

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Through tragedy, life goes on. That’s what Miss Emmy always said. I’m tired these days, my usual energy isn’t there. I feel a bit silly writing on this thing, this journal, but Caprice swears it will help with my stress level. It just builds and builds with no release.


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Mom is like a zombie, walking around day and night in her nightgown, taking no effort with herself. Oh, I worry about her so much. It’s been months since Dad’s funeral and she just doesn’t seem to be getting better. She seems to be getting worse.


 photo 24403_zps0b5464c0.png

And not just Mom. Weldon too. He’s just not there for me like he used to be. And we’re even engaged now! We should be closer than ever, right? But he seems so distant. And he had to go away for some job training and he won’t even tell me what it is! Top Secret Stuff, he says, in that annoying voice he gets.


 photo 24406_zpse12e6983.png

We go over to Maria and Red’s sometimes but they are just so busy with the twins.


 photo 24408_zps9a4f9e77.png

And Caprice is gone now, off to the summer arts program and then straight to Uni from there. Mom insisted she go, and it was the right thing, but she was so good at getting Mom to laugh and go out, and now it’s just me and I am all fail.


 photo 24404_zpsfaab08a2.png

Phebe, too, is back at her cute little Downtown apartment. She’s almost done with her beauty school training and then she’ll be a full-fledged hair stylist. She’s so happy to be out of Strangetown and I’m so excited for her…and Caprice, and Weldon, too, but…it just seems like I’m getting left behind.


 photo 24409_zps301c596a.png

There is something, an opportunity at work, and they say I’m in the running – top 3 candidates at least, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. I’m not even going to talk about it in case I jinx it.


 photo 24405_zps2fc13d1e.png

And Laz, my poor sweet Lazlo. No one’s seen him or heard from since that night at the Goth mansion. I try to call the Curious Bros from time to time and I just get voice mail. Sometimes I think I see him out the window or around town, but when I look again, he’s gone.


 photo AD_proposal2_zpse62c3edc.jpg

Am I just totally losing it?

#fallingapart #whenwillitgetbetter

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