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2.43 A Good Life

March 8, 2014


It was a Good Life: Joel DiPotere Click for a SlideShow in Honor of Joel


 photo JD_funeral_19_zps27f906b5.jpg

 photo JD_funeral_27_zpsd9bb0698.jpg

 photo JD_funeral_13_zps6676745f.jpg

 photo JD_funeral_15_zps582352b5.jpg

 photo JD_funeral_28_zps198ce412.jpg

 photo JD_funeral_6_zps84a7ef68.jpg

 photo JD_funeral_22_zpsee888afd.jpg

 photo JD_funeral_17_zps159536f3.jpg

 photo JD_funeral_5_zpsf2cb69f1.jpg

 photo JD_funeral_2_zpse8bcbd4d.jpg

 photo JD_funeral_29_zps1dff431a.jpg

 photo 4982b5c9-5dc6-41dd-9242-a79ee6c68d82_zpsf7ebc4e3.jpg

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