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2.42 RE: Mom

March 1, 2014

to Phebe D :

Hey Phebes –

 photo 4423_zpsb4f8a1ef.jpg

Hope all is well. I know you’re working your butt off trying to get everything done today. It has to be hard to focus and I know you can’t wait to get here. And I can’t wait to have you here!

Mom’s taking it really rough.

 photo JD_funeral_21_zps808fdf73.jpg

She hardly ever changes out of her nightgown all day long. I don’t know what to do or say to help her feel better. I guess there’s nothing really.

 photo 4425_zps81cb8193.jpg

Sometimes we catch her wandering around outside. It’s pretty scary and neither of us know what to do really.

 photo 4426_zps20d04c2c.jpg

Caprice has really been a terrific help. She’s the one who can get Mom out of the house for little trips out. She loved Dad so much. We all did. It’s hard for her too, senior year and all. The art program at UNI has a special summer session and I know she wants to go, but now…

 photo snapshot_12fd694e_7e5a53e7_zpsf2699f4c.jpg

We’re just trying to hold it all together.

Love you & see you soon ~


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