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2.41 Hello, and Goodbye, Part III

February 9, 2014

 photo 2411_zpsd615d59e.png

Allie arrived to find Maria glowing with pride, holding a fresh pink bundle.

“Maria,” she said simply. “A boy?”

“Two boys,” said Maria with a sad smile. “Your dad would have been so proud.”

 photo 2412_zpsc8d3209d.png

“You know then,” said Allie.

“Oh, Allie, how could I not know? Go home, be with your mother. I know she sent you here, but she needs you now.”

 photo 2413a_zps586c70c5.png

Allie returned to her mother’s home, feeling torn apart inside. Nowhere was she wanted. Everyone was sending her away. Even Weldon was difficult on the walk home. He didn’t understand. She didn’t understand. Why did no one want her around?

 photo 2414_zpsb9064869.jpg

And then she walked into her mother’s home, and knew she was where she was needed most.

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