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2.40 Hello and Goodbye, Part II

February 6, 2014

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She stood in the hall between her parent’s kitchen and den. Her mother stood, so still, in her little nightgown. On another day Allie would have been embarrassed, blushed a bright beet red. Today, it barely registered. Her mother stood so still, so small.

“Mom,” Allie said, the word coming out in little more than a whispered breath. “Mom, where’s Dad?”

“He’s gone,” she said simply. “Death came, and your father left us. He fought it, but he went still, as we all go, eventually.”

 photo 2402_zps748831a2.png

“Oh, Mom, I should have known. I could have fought to save him.”

 photo 2403_zpsc6d8fca0.png

“No,” said Bianca. “There was no fighting to do. It was his time, that’s all. Go, be with Weldon. He will be a comfort to you for now. I need to be alone.”

 photo 2404_zpsc4783af6.png

“Are you sure, Mom?” asked Allie.

“I am. I love you my girl.”


“Yes, dear?”

“Maria’s had her twins,” Allie said. “I can see it now.”

“Oh, blessings,” said Bianca. “Out of sadness, joy. Go to her, she will need you. I will be along soon.”

 photo 2405_zps0680e203.png

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