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2.39 Hello, and Goodbye – Part I

March 16, 2013

 photo 023901_zpscc90dcc0.jpg

Allie woke with an enormous headache. The throbbing and pounding felt as if she’d had two too many bottles of wine the night before, instead of going to bed early, which is what actually happened.

“What’s wrong,” asked Weldon, as he tried pull her back into bed for a snuggle.

“Oh, my head,” Allie moaned, clutching at her temples with both hands. “It feels like an epic battle has erupted on my frontal lobe. I’m going to go make tea.”

“Special tea,” asked Weldon with a wink.

“Ug,” said Allie, making a face. “I’m sorry I told you.”

“Just don’t turn me into a frog,” said Weldon with a grin as he rolled back over in bed.

“You just reminded me I was going to work on that for someone else,” Allie replied, a smile creeping over her face in spite of the pain. “I’m sure I could whip up a double batch.”

 photo 023902_zpsa1109099.png

Weldon was such a goof, Allie thought as she busied herself making Miss Emmy’s special headache remedy. She didn’t know why her mother didn’t like him. Allie had been so worried, the night she decided to tell him about her family’s secret. It had been a waste of energy though. She should have known he’d be excited, rather than scared or freaked out. He had gone to La Fiesta Tech, after all – and half the students at that school would have given their first born child to have the kind of powers she had.

Little did they know, she thought with a frown. As the herbs and lemon simmered in her small kettle, she tried to identify the cause of the headache. This was no normal pain. It was a witch headache, and that meant trouble.

 photo 023903_zps124b8396.png

When the tea was done, she poured it into a mug and added some honey, then sat at her kitchen table to sort it all out. It felt as if good news was coming, and also terrible news. The two energies were dueling it out to see which one could make an appearance first, it seemed. As Allie breathed in the fragrant aroma, her mind began to calm, and she tried to separate the two energies so she could make sense of things.

The pain began to wane, and her visions became less of a jumbled mess. Allie closed her eyes and tried to focus through the lingering headache. Bad news first, she said to herself, and willed the negative energies to come forth.

Images flashed, but blurred, as if in a fog.

 photo 023904_zps1e73b467.png
 photo 023905_zps7c3ceb8e.png
 photo 023906_zps2b7daabc.png
 photo 023907_zps86897f02.png

Her as a young child, sitting in a high chair, throwing food at her father. Her, as a little girl, playing catch. Her, snuggling in her father’s arms, and on, and on. A lifetime of love, and sorrow.

“No!” She screamed, startling Weldon awake even from the kitchen.

 photo 023908_zpsa1b21e8f.png
He was in the doorway in a flash. “What is it?”

 photo 023909_zps48fea70a.png
“It’s my dad,” she said. She pushed herself away from the table in one quick motion and sprinted to the adjoining house where her parents lived. Weldon followed right on her heels.

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