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2.38 – Just Another Day

January 22, 2013


For a while, life seemed strangely normal.

Sure, Allie and Vidcund met on occasion to search for Lazlo, but without success. Vidcund kept his ears open, but picked up nothing from his job at BellTech Labs. Pascal resigned his position there shortly after Lazlo’s disappearance. Some personal health reasons, Vidcund said.


Allie’s attempts to find Lazlo in the gazing ball failed every time, and Maria refused to practice magic. She said she was done with it all, at least until the baby came. There was little left for Allie to do but go about her daily routines – work, family, and occasionally a friend or two.


Though she hated to admit it, her work at the police station was not satisfying her in the way she thought it would. She’d expected excitement, and danger, and lots of drama, and what she got was paperwork and more paperwork. Nothing seemed to happen in Strangetown, at least nothing she was allowed to investigate. Slowly it occurred to her that maybe the police force was under Bella’s control as well. Not in the usual sense, nothing obvious or blatent, but it seemed every time an unusual occurance took place, her commanding officers blew it off. Meanwhile, she was left to write endless summaries of the non-happenings in this sleepy little town.


There was one great highlight. Her college friend Weldon had moved to town, and their old friendship was back in full swing. With Weldon, everything seemed easy, like they’d never been apart, and she was beginning to wonder if maybe there wasn’t something more. It wasn’t lost on her that, as heir to the DiPotere clan she had a responsibility to uphold – one that involved giving birth to a little girl who would grow up to be the next heir.


Allie knew time was ticking for her, and that if she waited too long, the line would end. And Bella would win. What that meant, she didn’t know, but she planned never to let it happen. Oh, but the thought of bringing a sweet, innocent little girl into this life she lived – of mysterious disappearances, and families torn apart, of witches and protectors, of evil out to get you at every corner – well, it just seemed too much to bear.


But sometimes, she thought it might be okay after all.

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