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2.36: The Missing One, Part III

April 27, 2012


Allie hesitated, not wanting to explain the situation to Vidcund. He was going to be furious, and Allie already felt terrible. Yes, it had been Lazlo’s idea in the first place to break into the Goth mansion and rescue Isadora and baby Bel, but would he have done it if Allie hadn’t been on board?  She thought not.  And she figured Vidcund would agree.  It seemed as far as he was concerned, the DiPotere women were nothing but a curse on his family.  Now he knows what it feels like, Allie thought, to be cursed.  She shrugged off the thought at once.  Allie would never wish this existence on anyone – not even Vidcund.


“Well?” Vidcund asked, ever his tactful self.

“It’s…” Allie hesitated, unsure where to begin.

“Out with it, girlie,” Vidcund said.

Allie snorted. She hated, hated, hated that word.  “Fine,” she said.  “Lazlo has gone to Bell Tech, presumably to challenge Bella. How, and to what end, I don’t know. I imagine, of course, it’s to get Isadora and Baby Bel back, but maybe not. He may just want to kill her. This might be, seems to be…”



Allie looked over at Vidcund, her heart heavy, her eyes near tears. “A suicide mission.”

Vidcund grew silent. He stared ahead for what seemed to Allie to be an eternity, though was really more like a few minutes. When Vidcund spoke again, his voice was flat. “It certainly would explain the bender he went on last night.” Despite his unreadable expression and monotone, Allie could feel the anxiety radiating off Vidcund. Anxiety, fear, and…hatred.

“Is it me that you hate?” It was a stupid question, but she had to know.

“Huh? What?” Vidcund stammered. She had startled him with her perception. Allie was usually more careful, but the situation called for anything other than tact. “Oh, I forgot. You read people. Damn witches.”

“So you do hate me,” she said.


“No,” said Vidcund. “Foolish girl. Not you. Everything! Bella. That laboratory. This town. The fact that I should be rotting in a grave right now, and instead I’m sitting here in this diner talking to you. All I ever wanted was normal. House, wife, babies, Nobel Prize, white picket fence…”

“Um,” Allie interrupted, “Nobel Prize?”

“For science,” said Vidcund, looking confused.

“Yeah, that’s totally normal,” smirked Allie.


“Well, anyway,” said Vidcund, and the two sat in silence, lost in their own thoughts, each wondering what his or her life might have been, had anything in it been normal.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. debc permalink
    April 28, 2012 8:43 am

    Poor Vid! *snugs him*

  2. Sizza permalink
    May 17, 2012 6:58 pm

    Pooor Vidcund. And Allie. And Lazlo. I do hope Lazlo gets out of this mess alive.

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