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2.27 Red’s Decision

March 25, 2011


Maria blinked.  She lay on the small sofa, very still. Damn it!  she thought.  Only a dream.  Or was it? Maria was scared to get up, scared to look around, so afraid that when she looked at Red he would still have that look of hurt and anger in his eyes.  Maybe she could just stay asleep forever on this little couch.  She was just so tired of it all.

“Are you awake?” came a small voice from across the room.


Red! Maria sat up, but still looked forward, into the empty fireplace, scared to turn around.  She could not face him, not just yet. “Yes, I’m up,” she said.


This was not quite the reception she’d just dreamt of.  Maria stood and turned to face Red.  This was the man she loved, damn it, and she was going to do everything in her power to get him to see that.  She was not going to push him away, what she always did when things got too hard or too scary.


“I love you Red,” she said, and exhaled slowly.  She walked over to the computer desk where he sat, and he stood.   “I love you more than I could ever imagine loving anyone,” she continued, “and I realized just now that I do want a family of my own, with you.”  Red opened his mouth to respond, but she waved her hand, gesturing for him to wait.  “I’m so sorry I got mad at you.  It’s just when you said you weren’t expecting me, it hurt.  I shouldn’t have lost it.  I can wait for your decision, but I need to be here, in my home, and if you can’t live with me here in this house, maybe we can build you an apartment over the garage, or something, but I’m not going anywhere.”


The strangest look came over Red’s face as Maria spoke.  “The garage?” he asked.

Maria steeled herself for the conversation to come.  “Yes,” she said.  “I don’t care what that old bat said about this house being bequeathed to you.  Miss Emmy gave it to me, and I plan to live here for the rest of my life.”

“And I get…” Red began.

“The garage,” finished Maria.


“Oh, Maria,” he said, taking her into his arms while choking back the laughter he could no longer contain.  “I love you too.”

“You mean, you’ve chosen?” she asked, pushing him back gently.

“I made my decision two days ago, dear.  I had to clear some things up with the Elders, my, er…bosses, so to speak.  There were things that needed to be done, finalized.”


“So you’re not…” Maria began.

“Your Protector?” Red finished.  “No.  Not in the magical sense of the word.  That’s why I didn’t know you were coming.  You took me by surprise.  Before…well, before I always knew where  you were.  I could feel it.  It bothered me more than I realized, not knowing where you were, not knowing if you were safe.” Red hung his head. “I guess this is how normal couples feel.”


Maria laughed.  “It sure is.”  She took him in her arms this time, embracing him in the biggest hug she could manage.  “I can’t believe you knew where I was all the time.  That’s kind of creepy.”

“And I can’t believe you were going to put me in the garage,” said Red.

“Touche,” said Maria as she pulled him in closer.  “Touche.”

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Potential_fate permalink
    March 25, 2011 11:03 pm

    Lol. I loved that last sentence. xD

  2. pieridae permalink*
    March 26, 2011 12:22 pm

    🙂 thanks.

  3. Lissabry permalink
    March 28, 2011 12:40 pm

    awww 🙂 Maria deserves all the happiness she can get .. I guess Red already realizes what hes in for though LOL

  4. pieridae permalink*
    March 28, 2011 1:01 pm

    It is nice to see one of my sims happy for once, isn’t it? I was super happy myself when the two of them hit it off, Maria’s spunkiness and all. 🙂

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