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2.24 Conversations in the Dark, Part II

January 15, 2011


The next night Allie stood on the road, the Curious house looming before her, a giant puzzle of steel and brick. Even though it was located right across the street from The Seeker Cafe, where Allie had worked for Lazlo nearly a month now, she had never really taken the time to look at the house. It was a vertical maze, with multiple levels that reached so high it seemed you could touch the sky from the top.  With the numerous telescopes and satellite dishes on the property, Allie guessed there was more money put into electronics in the Curious household than at all of La Fiesta Tech.

Allie took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly, calming her agitated nerves. With one more deep breath, Allie stepped off the curb and walked across the street. She suddenly felt very old and very young all at the same time. Here she was, going to find out if she could unlock one of the mysteries of her cursed family’s past, something that might change the lives of all the DiPoteres, and yet she couldn’t work out the butterflies that flitted about in her stomach.  Oh, cripes, my head is full of daisies, she scolded herself, Lazlo has the love of his life already, and she just so happens to be my great cousin, so knock it out already!

Still, her heart pounded in her chest as she rang the doorbell.


Lazlo answered the door dressed casually, in a black jeans and hooded sweatshirt. His hair was tied back loosely, all set for a night of relaxation, but his face looked anything but relaxed. He smiled when he saw Allie. “Oh, good, you’re here,” he said. “I have to admit, I was a little afraid you’d never want to see me again after that crazy story last night, but, then again, you’re a DiPotere, aren’t you?”


“Yes,” said Allie, caution in her voice. “We do have a crazy story of our own.” She followed him into the living room of the house, though it was more of a living area. The house was ultra modern, with white brick and industrial tile throughout. It was loft style, with one room flowing seamlessly into the next, and nearly all the decor black and white. Allie felt like she’d stepped into an issue of Modern Sim Interiors.

Lazlo sat on a black leather sofa, and motioned for Allie to do the same. “Really, I’m so glad you’re here. You don’t know how lonely it’s been all these years, waiting.”

Was this a pick up line? Maybe it was her lucky day after all. “I’m glad I came, Lazlo,” she said. “Really glad.”  She leaned in slightly, anticipating his next move, but Lazlo stood abruptly and walked into the kitchen area.    Allie sighed and followed.


“Yummy looking cake,” Allie said, eying the blue and white confection on Lazlo’s otherwise immaculate counter.

“Oh, that,” Lazlo said.  “That was for a…baby shower, I guess you call it.”

Baby shower, wondered Allie, but she could tell Lazlo was in no mood to talk about it.  She’d just let her growling stomach do the hinting for her.

Lazlo looked at Allie and sighed, a deep and heavy sigh that seemed to come from the depths of his very soul.  “Allie,” he began, “would you follow me to the roof?  Everything I need to explain this is up there.”


“Sure,” said Allie, and followed Lazlo once again. So cryptic, she thought. But then again, he is a conspiracy theorist, what else should I expect?


Allie glanced up. The view was just fine though, just fine.

Allie followed Lazlo’s…er…lead up one set of stairs, out a patio door, up another set of stairs and out onto a deck. This must be one of the platforms on top of the house, she thought. Thank goodness he didn’t take me up to the top one.



“Scared of heights?” asked Lazlo, as if reading her mind.

“A little,” admitted Allie. “Why?” And then she saw. All around her was the town of Strangetown, her town, the place where she’d lived most of her life, but she’d never seen it like this. “It’s amazing,” she said, mouth open wide, fears for the moment forgotten.

“I know,” said Lazlo. “I still love it up here, after all these years. This is where I come to think, to get away, to reflect on the past, and lately, the future. Here, Allie, sit,” he continued, motioning to a chair. “There’s so much to discuss.”

See, thought Allie, there it is again. The future? Was it a come on? Maybe he didn’t believe Isadora was really alive. Maybe it was all just the metaphorical mumbo jumbo he was always talking.


“I know Isadora’s alive,” Lazlo began, having taken the chair across the table from Allie, “and I’ll prove it to you soon. First, though, a question. Are you with me on this? 110 percent? I won’t blame you if you’re not, but I need to know where you stand.”


Allie’s heart sank. Categorically ticking Lazlo off her mental list of potential boyfriends, she took a deep breath and leaned forward. Might as well give this project all she had, if there was any hope at all of learning something new about the curse. “I’m in,” she said, and Lazlo beamed.

“Okay,” he said. “This mission is going to take a lot of planning, stealth, and more than a little fearlessness. But we’re going to do it, to save Isadora, and my daughter, and to get some answers for you and your family.” Lazlo stood and began pacing. “Some people would call what we have to do crazy, but it’s what we must do. There’s only one way to save her, I’m afraid, and it may be more dangerous for you than for me.”


“Now, just you wait a minute,” Allie said, standing to face Lazlo. “I come here to help you out, and you knock the fact that I’m a girl? Or, woman, I mean…a woman! Just because you’re a guy, doesn’t mean…”

“No, no, no,” said Lazlo. “Geez. No. I was talking about…well, see for yourself. Just look through the telescope.”


Allie did as instructed. She put her eye to the view piece and looked. This was getting more confusing by the minute. Allie looked and looked, as hard as she could, but all she could see was stars. “I don’t get it,” she said finally. “Your proof is in the stars?”


Lazlo walked over to the massive telescope perched on one side of the deck. He looked through the viewpiece, and fiddled with a few knobs on the side. “Pascal’s been messing with my telescope again,” he said. After what felt like forever to Allie, Lazlo finally stepped back from the telescope. “He’s been looking for some new star, or comet, or something. The man’s obsessed. Anyway, it’s fixed now. Go ahead and look.”


Allie looked. The telescope was trained on a grey stone building with a grated window. Iron bars, it looked like.

“The Goth mansion?” Allie asked, looking at Lazlo quizzically.

“Yes,” he replied. “Look again, she’s in there.”

“Isadora?” asked Allie. “Isadora is living in the Goth mansion?”

“Not living there,” said Lazlo. “Being held there against her will. Look again.”


Allie looked again. And jumped back so fast she nearly knocked the telescope off it’s mount. “Holy hell!”

Lazlo grinned from ear to ear. “You saw her!”

Allie looked through the telescope one more time. Sure enough, there was a woman, who appeared to be a bit older than Allie. She had long black hair and stunning eyes. “It certainly looks like my great cousin Isadora. I mean, it’s hard to tell from the few pictures I’ve seen,” Allie said, not wanting to give Lazlo false hope.

“Oh, it’s her, it’s her,” said Lazlo, spinning Allie around in an impromptu dance before taking over the telescope for himself. “I’d know her anywhere, from any distance. Now all we need to do is sneak into the Goth mansion and break her and my daughter out.”

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  1. Lissabry permalink
    January 15, 2011 11:18 pm

    uh-oh I hope Bella doesnt know what they are up to beforehand :-SS

  2. Potential_fate permalink
    January 16, 2011 1:43 am

    Oh my. well, I suppose I sort of saw that coming, but this should be FUN.

  3. pieridae permalink*
    January 16, 2011 12:03 pm

    Thanks for the comments, fate & Liss. I was hoping it would be more of an dun-dun-dun twist, but real life has interfered with my simming lately, le sigh, and I’ve had to stretch the chapter out. It should be fun, though…provided Allie agrees to go. 🙂 And Liss, you just never know what Bella’s up to, but she’ll feature in a chapter coming up soon!

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