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2.20 Choices, Always Choices

November 15, 2010


Red had been sitting quietly in the back of the DiPotere cemetery.  He couldn’t believe what was happening.   Lindsay Lam had crashed Miss Emmy’s memorial service, and now was about to out him as a Protector. Why hadn’t he found a way to tell Maria? Silently, he cursed himself for this, but knew there was no way of getting out of it now. All eyes were suddenly on him.

“Red?” asked Maria. He didn’t say anything, but stood to face his fiancée. “Red?” Maria asked again, more forcefully. “Is this true?”

“I’m sorry,” he said.


Maria flew at him in a rage. “Sorry? You’re sorry? I trusted you! The first person since Miss Emmy that I trusted with all my heart, and you…you’ve been lying to me all along?”

“I…Oh, Maria. I can’t help that I fell in love with you. Don’t you see that I’ve been in turmoil, trying to decide.”

“Decide what?” asked Maria.

“If I stay with you, and love you, and be with you, I cannot keep you as safe as I would as your Protector. I become mortal, vulnerable, and that means you become vulnerable, you…and your whole family. As a mortal, I could be gone tomorrow. As your Protector, I would be with you forever.”

Maria looked Red in the eyes, pain and sorrow filling her face. “I guess you’ve got some choices to make,” she said. “I think I’ll be staying here for a while so you can sort them out.”

Red sighed a heavy sigh, and slowly walked out of the cemetery.  He looked back once at Maria, the woman he loved more than anyone he’d ever known, but she was staring off into the large rocks which dotted the horizon.

Bianca walked over to Maria, and placed a hand on her shoulder.  “Stay as long as you like, dear,” she said.

The DiPotere clan stood in silence.  One by one, the few townies present tricked out, leaving only family.   It was Joel who finally broke the silence.  “Let’s go inside,” he said.  “I have some snacks ready, and coffee.”


The family rallied around Maria, who sat cuddling the newest addition, baby kitten Percy. Comments buzzed around the room.

“Not good enough for you…”

“How could he…”

“Secrets are no way to start a relationship…”

Maria was torn. She loved Red in a way she never imagined possible, and she knew he loved her too. But this, keeping this from her, this huge secret…it was unforgivable, wasn’t it? How could he think she wouldn’t understand? But still. She looked around the room, at Bianca, the girls, even Joel was there to support her. Family, she thought. I thought I lost everything, everyone, when Miss Emmy passed on, but I still have this. I still have family.


Meanwhile, Allie was out on the front porch, saying goodbye to an unexpected guest at the funeral. When Lazlo Curious had arrived, Allie worried that perhaps maybe she’d missed work one too many times, but it turned out her boss was there to mourn Miss Emmy’s passing with everyone else. Allie hugged Lazlo tightly, and was surprised at the strong connection she felt to him. His appearance at the memorial service meant something more, though. It meant he was connected to the curse somehow, and, on top of all that, Lazlo now knew the family secret, thanks to that crazy old bat who’d come to announce it to everyone.

“See you at work tomorrow,” Lazlo said, releasing Allie from the hug.

“Lazlo?” said Allie. “I think tomorrow we should talk. I work a double; will you be there at closing?”

“I will,” he said. “Tomorrow it is, then.”

Yes, thought Allie, tomorrow I tell you everything. “Tomorrow it is.”

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Potential_fate permalink
    November 15, 2010 5:24 pm

    Someone’s in trouuuble. xD

    and Lazlo. hmmm.

  2. pieridae permalink*
    November 17, 2010 12:29 am

    Yes, Red is definitely in the doghouse for this one. 😛

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