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2.18 Goodbye Miss Emmy

November 6, 2010

DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy Challenge

The day of the funeral, the weather was fair. A clear and glorious blue sky shone above the heads of those gathered to pay their respects. Maria sat alone, remembering a time in Strangetown before the sky was blue. She remembered the flat white sky of her youth, nothing in comparison to the vivid expanse of blue that spread before her now. The sky had been transformed on the night of her teen transition, the night her own mother had chosen her sister Mirabella to be heir. It was only about 20 years ago, but it felt like ten lifetimes had passed since that day.

For Maria, this day was filled with double meaning. It was a day of reflection and grief, not only for Miss Emmy, who’d done so much for her, but also for her late sister. Mirabella had been murdered while Maria was away at university, and her sister’s death had come so fast on the heels of her mother’s passing, it sent Maria into a state of numbness she never quite recovered from. Maria had retreated into her own shell, and, ultimately, fell into Bella’s trap easily because of it. Her father had run off, she lost her mother, then her sister, and Maria had never really had a chance to mourn.

I will mourn today, Maria thought. I will honor Mirabella and Mom, as well as Miss Emmy, with prayer and remembrance of all the good times, back when the world seemed much simpler than it actually is.

DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy Challenge

Everyone in attendance had something to share about Miss Emmy. She seemed to have touched the heart of every person who’d been blessed enough to come into her life. The DiPotere clan gathered around each other, and, along with several of the townspeople, spent the afternoon talking, and laughing, and crying together, in celebration of the long life of Miss Emmy. All through the afternoon, people took turns speaking at the podium, sharing memories with those gathered.

DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy Challenge

Finally, Maria made the long walk to the eulogy podium. She looked at Miss Emmy’s grave, then at Red. With tears already glimmering in the corner of her eyes, she began.

DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy Challenge

“There was no one like Miss Emmy. I’ve known her my whole life, but it was more than that. Miss Emmy was my connection to the past, the connection to my family, even when I tried to escape from it all.  Over the years, she taught me so many things, but most importantly of all, she taught me to hold those you love close to you, always. I have never met someone so pure of heart, so kind, so generous, but also so brave.”  Flashes of Mirabella ran through Maria’s mind, and she realized how like the older woman Mirabella was.   The tears began to fall steadily, but Maria continued on.  “Miss Emmy wasn’t fearless, though.  No, she knew what it was to be afraid. But when it came to saving those of us she loved, she looked fear straight in the eye and marched on. I will always be grateful to her. She saved my life, more than once. She was my guardian angel, my mentor, and my friend. I will miss you Miss Emmy, and hold you in my heart always.”


There wasn’t a dry eye left at the service once Maria concluded her eulogy. Maria’s kind, thoughtful words had given everyone pause, and caused each person in attendance to drift off for a few moments, off to his or her own place of thanks for the phenomenal woman that had been Miss Emmy. So caught up in the past was everyone, that no one seemed to notice the strangely dressed woman in the back of the crowd, not even when she stood up and made her way to the podium.

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