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2.10 Going Home

March 10, 2010


The bus ride had taken longer than expected.  All morning, in fact.  Now that she was going back, Allie realized just how far she’d gone to get away in the first place.  That night…that last night had been beyond terrible.  She’d killed her mother.  Allie didn’t know how, or why, but she knew what she remembered, her mother’s lifeless body lying slumped on the kitchen floor.  She must always remember the evil that lived inside of her.  It didn’t matter that her mother had survived, been brought back to life by the Reaper.  It didn’t matter that Allie herself had begged the Reaper to take her instead of her mother.  “Not yet,” was all the Reaper had said, before he melted back into the same mist on which he’d arrived.


Going home was the last thing Allie thought she would ever do, and also the thing she wanted most in the world.  It seemed selfish, now.  Now that she stood on the sidewalk in front of her childhood home, it seemed like the worst idea in the world.  You’re putting everyone in danger again, she thought.  What if the voices come back?


Allie drew herself up to full height and walked up to the door.  The voices hadn’t been back since that night, and she was not a little girl anymore.  She was practically a woman.  For the past four years she’d studied all she could about witches and their craft, and she knew now it was about mastery.  It was about control.  And she had that control, finally.  Everyone would be safe, she would make sure of it.  And if the voices did come back, well, then Allie knew what she would have to do.


As she walked through the threshold, the first person she saw was Bianca.  Mother, she thought, and the emotions that swelled up inside her threatened to burst out in an explosion of love and loss.  She would go back and change everything, if she could.  She couldn’t.  What she could do now was try to make up for the lost time, and for all the bad choices of her youth.

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