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Chapter Twenty-Three – Into the Dark

January 23, 2010

Chapter Twenty-Three: Into the Dark

The first thing Miss Emmy thought she should do was see to it that Bianca’s pregnant little butt was firmly planted in a chair. This day, Emmy decided, was officially “the day that wouldn’t end.” She wasn’t sure why, but she had a sinking feeling the day was far from over.

“How are you feeling, Bianca?” Emmy asked. She had grilled some cheese sandwiches to help fortify Bianca after her quite literal struggle with Death. Now, Emmy knew, Bianca had a much greater burden to bear.

“I’m feeling so much better, Emmy. Thank you. I tell you, a few short hours ago I felt like I was run over by a truck!”

“That’s good, dear. I think your recovery is right on track then.”

“Emmy, where’s Allie? I just feel like we should talk aout this, get this whole family curse thing out in the open. We need to help her, Emmy. She’s so lost.”

At last the dreaded question. “Bianca, Allie is gone.”

“What? What do you mean gone?”

“I’m afraid she left earlier, while we were all upstairs.”

“No,” said Bianca, slamming her fist on the table. “No no no no no. She can’t be gone! This is all my fault! We have to find her!”

Just then, Emmy’s phone rang.

“Oh, please let it be Allie,” said Bianca.

But it wasn’t Allie. Emmy gave a silent shake of her head toward an anxious Bianca. “Bianca,” Emmy whispered, with one hand covering the phone receiver, “I think you should go upstairs and rest. This stress is not good for the baby. We will find Allie, I promise.”

Though it was the last thing Bianca wanted to do, she obeyed. Losing one daughter was bad enough, there was no way she wanted to risk her unborn baby’s life too.

Joel was waiting for her when she got to the bedroom. His presence, her Joel, the very essence of calm…he could help her get through this. Though she continued to play with the notion of going to look for Allie, Bianca knew she couldn’t. After her near-death experience, she could not put the baby inside her through any more stress. Eventually, she slept.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Emmy was listening intently to the caller on the other line. Though she was quite certain it was a trick, this was one house call Emmy knew she would have to make.

When the call was finally completed, Emmy gathered a few things together with a sigh. The day was far from over yet. Tucking her small satchel into the pocket of her skirt, she prepared herself for the task at hand. She stopped for the briefest of moments, to glance across the street into the wilds of Strangetown, where she knew Allie was making her home for the night.

“Be safe, Allie, be well. May the guardian above keep you from harm and return you to us soon.” With a final look to the night sky, Emmy ventured on.

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