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Chapter Twenty-One – Choices

January 21, 2010

The time that followed felt like an eternity to Emmy. It was as if Death’s presence warped the fabric of time itself, winding and twisting it around a finger, only to let go at the most unexpected moments. In one of those very time-twists, Allie fell to her knees in front of the great dark figure and sobbed.

“You can’t take her yet, you can’t! It’s my fault, mine! I should never have listened to the voices. They lie! Mother is not evil! I’m evil, me! Don’t take her, take me. I’m the one that deserves to die.”

Death looked at the child, head cocked to the side. The world was utter silence. He raised his arms, hands clenched. “Choose,” he said, the word rolling like low thunder through the room.

Allie locked eyes on the dark figure. Without fear or hesitation, she tapped his outstretched hand. “Right,” she said.

The sound of thunder rolled through the room again, and this time, Emmy felt the electricity of lightning flash through the night sky. In the back of her mind, Emmy knew she would always remember this moment as the night she saw Death smile.

Death did not speak, but with a wave of his hand Bianca began to rise. Her body was filled with the brightest light as she hung in the air over the unlikely trio.

As the bright light spread throughout Bianca’s body, she slowly came down out of the air landing on her feet. Death dropped his head in a small bow and turned his attention to Allie.

Once more Allie dropped on her knees before the shadowy figure of Death. “Thank you,” she said. “Please take me with you…please end my hell.” The reaper’s staff grew a bright blue, and Emmy braced herself for the worst. But Death bent forward and whispered into Allie’s ear, “Not yet.”

And with that, he was gone.

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