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Chapter Twenty – The Man in Black

January 20, 2010

…evil evil kill her must kill her evil evil must kill now…

Allie opened her mouth and breathed. Her mind, her body, the very room grew distorted as she began to draw the life force from her mother. A dark determination had set on her face, and the voices came in waves now, dark and hushed. The world grew silent as Bianca fell to the kitchen floor.

In the next room, Emmy screamed.

“Allie! No! Allie, what are you doing? Stop!”

A cold wind began to blow as the room shifted before Emmy’s eyes. In the haze of dust and wind, a figure appeared, dark and foreboding. In his hand he held the unmistakable staff — the mark of the reaper.

“Oh, dear Lord, what have you done child?”

Allie blinked, and in a second her face lost its hard edges. “What happened?” she said. “What’s going on?” Miss Emmy sighed as Allie looked around in a bewildered daze.

“Allie, Death has come for your mother, but I believe he is here too soon. You must plead for her life…and for your forgiveness,” said Emmy.

“My forgiveness? But…I don’t understand…” As Allie looked into Miss Emmy’s eyes, she saw. This was not one of her nightmares. This was very real. “Oh God,” she said as she looked at the crumpled figure of her mother lying under the kitchen table. “Oh, what have I done?”

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