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Chapter Nineteen – Voices in my Head

January 19, 2010

Emmy watched as Joel ran off to comfort Bianca. She scooped little Phebe out of her high chair and cooed softly to the girl. It was going to be a very long day, but no one, not even Miss Emmy knew just how long the day would be.

Upstairs, Allie awoke from sleep, which had been filled, as usual, with the most bizarre dreams. She felt heavy, as though her head was enclosed in a cloud of iron. Without bothering to dress or even brush her teeth, Allie staggered through the upper hall and sat on the upper landing. The voices were always there, humming and buzzing, but today…today they were overwhelming.

…the time is now the time is now the time is now…

“I don’t want to,” said Allie.

…evil evil evil kill the evil evil evil the time is now the time is now it must be now it’s you or her…

Allie sighed and lifted herself from where she sat on the stair.

Allie made her way down the stairs to where Miss Emmy and Joel sat. ‘Always blabbering on and on about justice,’ Allie thought.

…the time is now the time is now kill her kill her kill her…

“Where’s Mom?” Allie asked.

“She’s in the kitchen, dear,” said Miss Emmy.

Allie crept into the kitchen. The voices were coming stronger and faster now.

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