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Chapter Seventeen – Looking for the Curse

January 17, 2010

Whenever Emmy found a spare moment, she studied. The books began to pile up on the floor of her small “apartment” which Joel had added onto the DiPotere manor. She dug through Latin translations until she began to dream in that ancient tongue. Meanwhile, however, life continued on…

Bianca’s portrait kept a watchful eye over Allie, now that the mysterious painting of Bella had been removed. Emmy had revealed snippets of information regarding the importance of these paintings. Something about the soul and true intentions and…to Bianca it was all too much to take in.

With Bella’s portrait gone, Allie no longer mumbled the strange Latin phrases she had uttered almost since birth. She transformed into a beautiful teenager, although her obsession with painting continued.

Allie painted on, night and day, while Joel and Bianca anxiously watched for any other signs of the curse. So far it was only the painting.

Yet Emmy kept looking for a translation.

Baby Phebe grew into a lovely toddler, and proved to be Daddy’s little girl indeed, preferring him to all others.

Everyone was pleased when Phebe hit her second birthday without a single incident which could have linked her to the curse.

Bianca cried the day Phebe got her first haircut, but everyone said she looked adorable. Phebe had learned to walk, and talk, and use the potty in record time. Joel and Bianca couldn’t be more proud.

Yet they worried about Allie, who spent her time at school, painting or doing homework, and seemed to have little interest in her family. To Bianca and Joel, who considered family more important than any other endeavors, this was just one more thing about Allie that wasn’t right.

But through all that, Emmy studied.

There were Bella sightings…

and Maria sightings…

and Allie dyed her hair.

And still Emmy studied. The pile of books grew, and time flew past until finally, one day the DiPotere house heard Emmy scream,…

“I got it!”

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