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Chapter Sixteen – Reflections

January 16, 2010


With the birth of baby Phebe came a sense of normalcy to the DiPotere household. Activities centered around the new addition, and thoughts of the curse, mysterious portraits and foreign-tongued children all but disappeared.

Joel was demoted for an unwise decision, although he still got picked up by the company limo. Financially, the family was fine. Bianca’s kitten store ran smoothly, and she or Emmy opened up shop a few days per week. The cats were making good money at their respective jobs, leaving Bianca with the option of staying home full time.

Bianca finally told Joel about the curse and Allie’s strange behavior. Joel wanted desperately to be the loving supportive husband who could take anything in stride, even a family curse. He took up meditation that very day.

Emmy proved to be a loving caregiver once again, raising Phebe with as much devotion as she had for Allie. Life in the DiPotere household looked normal, as normal as any house looks from the street.

But inside, their world was far different than the Jones’s or the Smith’s.

As busy as life was with a new baby in the house, Emmy found patches of time to pursue a translation for Allie’s ramblings.

Bianca found herself drawn to lawn, where Allie kept her easels. In the long hours of the night, she would stare into her daughter’s painted world, looking for answers she couldn’t find to a problems she didn’t understand.

And Joel, who loved being a father more than anything else, in his quiet moments felt his thoughts turn toward despair. He had everything…a beautiful wife, an amazing career and two daughters. But his Allie, his precious baby Allie was…wrong. It was all wrong.

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