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Chapter Fifteen – Questions

January 15, 2010

As Emmy painted she began to unfold the story of the DiPotere Curse. Though Bianca did not want to believe a word, she knew in her heart it was true. The story, as strange as it seemed, felt right, like she was finally uncovering her destiny. “You see Bianca,” said Emmy. “The DiPotere women have a long history of disappearing.

“The first was a woman by the name of Bella Donna DiPotere. She, and her entire lineage were wiped out overnight as it were. She would have been your Great Great Aunt, by my calculations…

“What do you mean the entire lineage?” said Bianca.

“I mean the entire family, house and all, gone. Disappeared. Vanished. One day the family was there, safe and sound in their beautiful mansion in Pleasantville, and the next day it was all gone, wiped out by some unseen force. Three generations, gone.”

“Then there was Isadora, who came to Strangetown to pursue a career in science at BellTech Labs. Things were going well for her, too. She had even given birth to a beautiful baby girl, named Bella Donna after her long lost Aunt. They too disappeared…

“House and all?” asked Bianca.

“House and all…

“Then came Eliza. She moved to Strangetown to find her missing cousin Isadora. Of course, she never did, but she had two lovely daughters herself.

“So Eliza disappeared too?” asked Bianca.

“No dear, she passed away as an elder. But her daughters seemed to be affected by the curse the most — Mirabella, who wrote the blog which brought you here, and Maria, whom you’ve yet to meet.

“Eliza was a prolific diary writer, and you can read her journals if you like.”

“I’d like that very much,” said Bianca. “But tell me Emmy…why does the curse seem to skip generations? Why Mirabella and not Eliza? Why Allie and not me?”

“I’ve put a lot of thought into that very question, Bianca,” said Emmy. “The best I can figure is the curse must be linked to the DiPotere matriarchy. So you, and Eliza, being born to male DiPoteres would not be affected by the curse at all, but your children, of course being born to female DiPoteres would.”

“I have so many questions,” said Bianca, “but I just don’t think there’s time for them right now.”

“Why’s that?” asked Emmy, her nose to the painting.

“Because the baby’s coming.”

“What? Bianca! Quickly! Outside!” yelled Emmy.

“Fine time to worry about your carpet Emmy!”

“No! Oh dear,” said Emmy. “To the rocks! The baby will be safe outside. She must be born in the center of the plot, in the center of the rock’s forcefield.”

“AAAAAH!” wailed Bianca, as she ran out the door. “You better be right about this!”

And so it was that Phebe Anne DiPotere was born under the moonlit sky of Strangetown on a warm summer’s night.

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