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Chapter Fourteen – Awakenings

January 14, 2010



An hour passed and Bianca’s nerves were raw. “Miss Emmy?” she called up the stairs to where her friend had disappeared. There was no answer. The urge to run up those stairs and demand some answers quickly passed. She was too tired, too scared and way too pregnant.


Just as Bianca was about to head back to her own part of the house, Emmy appeared. “Oh good,” she said, “you’re still here. I need to paint you. You can stay right where you are, if you please.”

“You know, Emmy, I’ve about had it with paintings…”

“No, dear, this is important. It should have been done a long time ago. A lot of things should have been done a long time ago. I see that now. I thought I was doing the right thing…”

Bianca watched as Miss Emmy became lost in her own thoughts. “Emmy?”

“Hmmmm? Oh, sorry dear. There’s so much to do, so much to say, it tires an old girl right out. Could you stand please? I need to get your proportions.”


Bianca did as instructed and stared as Miss Emmy began sketching with the fury of a professional artist. She had no idea Emmy was so gifted. Who was this person? This was not the gentle angel who had raised Allie, nor the compassionate friend who’d become like a mother to Bianca herself. This thing Emmy had discovered, it was big, it was real, and somehow she and Allie and Emmy and this mystery DiPotere were all tangled up in whatever it was.


Bianca sat in silence for a long while before Emmy finally spoke.

“You’re very important, you know?”

“Oh, Miss Emmy, you’re important to me too. Thank you,” Bianca said.

“No, child, you don’t understand. You are very important. Not just to me, to Strangetown, to the people here, and possibly to the world.”

“You’re right, Emmy, I don’t understand. I’m…I’m nothing, really. Who am I? Some orphan from Italy? I’m just your average mom…”


“No, dear, you’re not an average anything.

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