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Chapter Twelve – Memories of the Past over Pancakes at Night

January 12, 2010

 photo 12.1_zpsvqmxiafb.jpg

“Thank you for the meal dear, I really did need that shower and I had no idea how hungry I was. I’m afraid it’s been a long few days,” said Emmy, as she dug into a stack of Bianca’s famous buttermilk pancakes.

“You’re welcome Emmy,” said Bianca. “I can’t believe I’m eating…I’m so worked up. Let’s just say this little one inside of me is going to be an eater!”

Emmy and Bianca chuckled, then grew silent. There was so much to say and neither knew how to begin. It was Bianca who finally spoke.

 photo 12.3_zpsevabjwzt.jpg

“Emmy, what do you make of all this?”

“In time, dear, in time. First, I need to know what you know of Maria DiPotere.”

Bianca glanced at Emmy…her dear friend. Would Emmy think she was crazy? At that moment, Bianca saw something, a glimmer, a spark in the old woman’s eye that told her Emmy had lived a lot more life than she had given her credit. Emmy would believe her.

“It all started one day back in Italy. I was bored. Terribly, horribly bored, as only a teenager who lives in a convent can be bored. So, I did what teenagers around the world do when they are terribly horribly bored…I went online to read blogs and chat.

 photo 0415.png

“I came across this one blog…the blog of Mirabella DiPotere…which of course caught my eye. DiPotere is not a common name, you know, not even in Italy, where it originates. I immediately thought ‘family’ and so I kept reading…

“It was all about the life of this lovely young woman and her sister Maria, living here in Strangetown. The woman had a very unusual life and this unbelievable story…”

“The story brought me to Strangetown to live and seek out my family. But when I got here, the few people I asked about the DiPoteres looked at me so oddly, I finally just gave up the whole thing and went on with my own life.”

 photo 12.2_zpsztg8poqg.jpg

Emmy suddenly stood up from the table. Bianca raised her very pregnant body up uncertainly. She had never seen Emmy in such a state.

“Bianca, do you know where I can find this…this blog as you call it on the internet?”

“Oh, Emmy, that was so many years ago…I have no idea….”  Emmy looked crestfallen, until Bianca remembered something that might help. “I think I printed it out though…”

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