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Chapter Ten: Of Love and Language

January 11, 2010

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The very next evening, Emmy prepared to tell Bianca the long and troubling tale of the DiPotere curse. But before she had the heart to begin, she saw that Bianca had a tale of her own to tell.

“Bianca, you’re pregnant again!” Miss Emmy exclaimed.

“Yes, Emmy, isn’t it wonderful?” Bianca said with a glowing smile.

“Of course, dear, but we really must talk about…” Emmy began, but her concern was cut short as she watched the smile fall from Bianca’s face.

“No, Emmy, please. There’s something you have to see first,” said Bianca.

“Of course, what is it?”  Emmy laid a hand on her charge’s shoulder.  “Bianca? Bianca, you’re shaking…what’s wrong?”

“It’s…it’s Allie. She’s…oh, God, I don’t know…please come see for yourself.”

 photo 011002a_zps558bde70.png

Emmy followed Bianca up the stairs and to the doorway of Allie’s room. She stood for a moment, perplexed.

“Bianca? It looks like Allie’s just playing with the toy chest we got her.”

“No, listen!” Bianca said.  “Allie always used to mutter as a baby, I dismissed it.  I thought it was just baby ramblings. But this…this is what she used to say, over and over again. Listen!”

Bianca was right, as Emmy listened, a steady stream of strange lyrics flowed from Allie’s lips in sing-song fashion.

 photo 011002_zps40ab8e18.png

Per tractus quod per vicis, meus vox grows infinitus.

A vomica super vox versus goes sicco super terra quod mare.

A vomica pro women sic divinus suum vox adveho volo.

A vomica super women novem quisnam won’t exsisto seen iterum.

Generations mos senium pro should forensis pervenio decem,

tunc quod tantum tunc vadum meus vomica adeo an terminus.

 photo 011003_zps5039b8a7.png

“What is it, Emmy?” begged Bianca finally. “What is she saying? Why does she keep on…like we weren’t even standing here watching?”

Emmy listened intently again as Allie spoke, mentally sorting the various languages which had run though her mind for decades. She closed her eyes and let the rhythm of the words flow. Then she looked at Bianca in a moment of profound silence.

 photo 011003a_zps087987c7.png

“Latin,” she whispered.

“What?” asked Bianca. “What did you say?”

“Latin. Your daughter is speaking in Latin.”

“But how on earth…” said Bianca.  ”

Bianca?” Emmy said suddenly, interrupting Bianca’s flying thoughts.

“Emmy, what? I…Latin? How?” Bianca still didn’t understand.

 photo 011004_zpsee7388d6.png

“Bianca, when did Allie get that painting?”


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