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Chapter Nine – An Unnatural Love

January 10, 2010

 photo 010901_zpsa213821f.png

Emmy stood vigil that night as Allie worked on her painting by the light of the Strangetown moon. When the painting was completed, Emmy watched as Allie looked around her, as if in a moment of awakening, then ripped the painting to shreds.


 photo 010902_zpsdfe3add3.png

The poor child seemed filled with anguish, but Emmy didn’t know how to help. She considered talking with Bianca, but what would she say?

“Bianca, your daughter has an unnatural love of art and I think she’s possessed…” No, it wouldn’t do. Emmy needed more proof.


 photo 010903_zps50a2a580.png

The next night, Emmy waited patiently for the soft patter of Allie’s footstep on the stair. Sure enough, around 2 am, it came and Emmy watched as the girl crept outside.


 photo 010904_zps3cfc4c80.png

Emmy followed Allie, picking up her dropped stuffed animal along the way.

“Allie, Allie…Punkin Pie,” she sang.



 photo 010905_zpsff768751.png

“Allie, Allie…your bunny friend is here…”

Still nothing.

As Allie painted on, Emmy’s worst fears were being realized. She couldn’t protect Bianca and her family. The DiPotere Curse was consuming Allie anyway. No matter what Emmy tried, nothing could draw Allie away from the easel.


 photo 010906_zps52d0568a.png

Emmy finally went inside to make espresso and pancakes. It was going to be another long night.

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