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Chapter Eight – An Unusual Act

January 9, 2010

 photo 010801_zpseffea878.png

There was evil in the air, and Emmy could sense it. She had done everything in her power to protect Bianca and her family from the DiPotere Curse. But the energy persisted, an ominous feeling pressing down upon Emmy like a thick black fog.

The rocks had gone up that first night after Emmy moved into the DiPotere house. Positively charged rocks from a sacred pool in Rome meant to zap any negative presence of its energy and power.

 photo 010802_zps2cc7dffd.png

Every evening before climbing into bed, Emmy said an incantation blessing to keep the DiPotere family safe from harm.

It wasn’t enough.

One night, as Emmy walked through the kitchen on her way to the bathroom, she heard footsteps on the landing above the stairs.

 photo 010803_zps18326eef.png

Hiding by the fridge, Emmy watched as Allie crept down the stairs and out the front door.

“Now where is that child going this time of night?” Emmy asked as she followed the girl.

What she found was perplexing indeed.

 photo 010804_zpsf3a01ad5.png

 photo 010805_zpsd9f7212f.png

Allie snuck outside to paint?

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