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Chapter Seven – A Feeling in the Air

January 8, 2010

Chapter Seven – A Feeling in the Air

 photo 010701_zpsa3c52f94.png

Alessandra was a beautiful toddler. Everyone commented on how long her hair was and how smart she seemed…with Miss Emmy’s “Super Boost Juice” it seemed she was learning faster than anyone thought possible. Miss Emmy was such a terrific help, although Bianca wasn’t so sure about some of her concoctions, particularly the ones with “glowing” side effects.

 photo 010702_zps4cbe0dad.png

Miss Emmy was more than happy to get out of the costume she had worn for almost a century. It was good to be around people again…a family. Little did Bianca know, though, that in giving up her position as fortune teller, Miss Emmy was giving up immortality as well.

 photo 010703_zps9bee9ef2.png

Time flew by in the DiPotere house, and before anyone realized, it was time for Allesandra’s birthday party.

 photo 010704_zpsc7165bf7.png

Try as she might, though the whole family was celebrating this momentous event, Miss Emmy couldn’t shake the feeling something was coming.  Something big. Things had been too good for too long.

 photo 010705_zpsdf4b257e.png

Whatever was on the horizon was going to be bad, and Emmy didn’t have a clue how to stop it.

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