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Chapter Six – A Live-In Nanny

January 7, 2010

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Bianca had a remarkably easy pregnancy. Joel became the ever-doting father-to-be, always rubbing Bianca’s belly or talking to the baby. Neither could believe their good fortune, for they must have conceived on their wedding night.

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Bianca’s belly grew and grew, until she was sure would burst if she got any bigger.

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And then one day, when Bianca thought she could not take one more second of pregnancy, the happy couple was blessed with a little girl. Bianca and Joel were thrilled with their beautiful child and named her Allesandra, who came to be known as Allie.

 photo 010604_zps862412ed.jpg

Allie’s infancy was filled with love and happiness. There couldn’t have been two more loving and devoted parents.

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The day of Allie’s transitioning, all of Bianca and Joel’s friends were there, including Miss Emmy. Miss Emmy had become an enormous source of support for Bianca, and yet Bianca still didn’t know of her family’s legacy – and curse. On this day, though, what mattered most was the newest DiPotere. Allie had grown a full head of golden hair, and everyone present said her smile looked like an angel’s. But still, Emmy realized Bianca needed to know the truth.

 photo 010606_zps08e68c18.jpg

As Miss Emmy prepared to tell Bianca everything, she realized she couldn’t do it. Bianca glowed with love and joy for her new baby girl, and her life with Joel. “I have watched so many DiPotere’s suffer for this curse,” she said quietly to herself. “I cannot watch another. But maybe I can protect her.”

 photo 010607_zps14acfd1c.jpg

Miss Emmy waited until the last of the guests had left, and she and Bianca relaxed with a cup of tea.

“Bianca,” she began, “I can only imagine how stressful it is trying to raise a new baby.”

“Oh, Miss Emmy, I love it, and I love little Allie, but I’m so tired. I’ve never been so tired in all my life, “Bianca said with a small smile.

“And do you think you’ll have more children?” asked Emmy.

“Oh, yes, Joel and I definitely want more,” said Bianca. “And I want to get my kitten shop up and running…”

“Kitten shop?”

“Well, yes,” said Bianca, a slight blush creeping up her cheeks. “I want to breed my own kittens, and sell them to good homes. But, with Allie, well…I guess it will have to wait.”

“It doesn’t have to wait, you know,” said Emmy.

When Bianca only looked at her quizzically, Emmy continued. “My dear, I am old…too old to be running around town all day in this get-up. Sadly, fortunetelling doesn’t come with a retirement plan. I’d give it all up in a heartbeat if I had something else to do with my time, and a comfortable place to live.”

Bianca looked at Miss Emmy, unsure of what she was hearing. “You mean, you’d move in here with me? To help with Allie?”

“I’d like that more than anything in the world,” said Miss Emmy.

“But I can’t pay you,” said Bianca. “It would be amazing to have you here, but we have no extra money…and we’re building the new house…”

“Oh, no, you wouldn’t need to pay me! I have my own little nest egg built up. All I require is a room of my own, with a private entrance, so I can come and go as I please.”

“Miss Emmy, I would love to have you here! Please say you’ll move in!”

“Bianca, it would be an honor.”

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