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Bianca: 1.4 – An Unwanted Visitor

January 5, 2010


“The wedding was a huge success, darling,” said Joel as he toasted his new wife.

“Everything is right on target for our new life together,” said Bianca. “To us, and our beautiful future.”


Bianca and Joel went to bed that night, content in their post-wedding bliss. But something was not right in Strangetown. The feeling of love surrounded Bianca so completely, she did not sense what was happening a few blocks down in the castle near town.

“You know what we must do Maria,” said Bella. It was not a question.

“I know. It will be done.”

 photo 423302889_338082f0a3_o_zps5d04876e.jpg

The next night seemed to be a night like any other.  Joel and Bianca had agreed to post-pone their honeymoon, and so, wedding over, life went back to it’s usual rhythm.   Joel grabbed a bite to eat after work at the StrangeTown Deli, knowing Bianca had hours of work to do, sorting gifts and addressing thank yous.  The meal was fine, tasty as always, but something didn’t feel right. As he ate his meal, Joel couldn’t shake the strange feeling he was being watched.




Meanwhile, the DiPotere house had an unexpected visitor. Bianca heard scratching noises, and figured it was the town stray rummaging through the garbage. She tried to ignore it, just wanting to crawl in bed and go to sleep, but then she remembered what that raccoon had done to her garbage just last week.  Grumbling, she crept out of the house to chase the dog away, hoping her house was far enough outside of town that no one would notice her roaming around in her nightgown.


She was right about a dog being the problem, but it was not the dog she was expecting.  Bianca noticed the dark black mane of the dog even before she saw its glowing yellow eyes.  It growled, a deep low rumble, and Bianca swore she thought the dog smiled.

“What the…” was all she got out before it hit, like a wall of hot smoke, choking the air from her lungs.


“Can’t breathe…”



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