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Bianca: 1.3 – An Invitation

January 4, 2010

Bianca,DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy
To the Sisters of the Holy Grace

Emerald Sim Hills, Italy

Dear Sister Maria Annata,

Oh how time passes us by.  It has been two whole months now since I left the beautiful hills of the convent to seek my destiny in Strangetown, and I realize this is my first letter. I should have written sooner, I know, but life here is just hectic, hectic, hectic.  I think of you and the sisters so often, though.  How I miss you all!

I write today though, to share my good news — I am married! Can you believe it? I know it must seem soon, but…oh! Sister Maria! Joel is just the best man I’ve ever known.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Bianca,DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy

We met at the Strangetown Spa.  It’s a swank sounding place, huh?  Funny thing is it’s really little more than a giant pool.  I went there a lot after work to relax and unwind.  The night I spied Joel is etched in my mind forever.  He really wasn’t my type, not my usual anyway, but there was just this…connection.  It was unlike anything I’d ever felt before – like being hit with three lightning bolts all at the same time.

We decided, the night we met, to make it our very first date.  We chatted for hours – I was positively pruny from all the time we spent in the hot tub, holding hands and talking about our lives, our hopes, our dreams.

Bianca,DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy

Later that evening, I caught Joel sneaking by my mailbox with a rose. How sweet is that?  I’d never had a romantic guy before.
Bianca,DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy

All that romance went straight to my head.  I couldn’t get him out of my mind.  I even caught myself filling his name into the crossword puzzle, and doodling little hearts all over the page – all the things I used to mock other girls for doing, here I was doing them myself!

Bianca,DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy

That same day I received the most beautiful love note. No one had ever written me a romantic letter before, EVER! Needless to say, I was falling fast.  It didn’t take long for me to realize he was the one.  The day I was ready to confess my feelings for Joel, I invited him to my house for lunch.  We talked and talked.  He was ever the gentleman, never pressuring me in any way.  The more I got to know this man, the more I wanted to know.

That very night, as we talked and talked the night away, I realized I didn’t want anyone else.

I only wanted Joel.

Bianca,DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy

And thankfully, he only wanted me.

I came to find out, Joel’s a CEO at a huge company in SimCity. A limo picks him up for work everyday, can you believe it? A limo!  And with the $11,000 he brought with him, we were able to build a lovely little house, and still have enough left over for a nice wedding.  (I did convince him to invest in some hair, though.  A totally worthwhile makeover).

Bianca,DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy

That following Sunday we were married. My new friend Miss Emmy came over to help me get ready, and gave me this beautiful star-shaped sceptor. She said it would help me know Joel’s heart was pure and untainted by another. As if I wouldn’t know that!  She is an interesting one, that Miss Emmy. She dresses in the style of the gypsies that roam the hills of Tuscany, and she calls herself a fortuneteller, but there is something more. It’s almost as if she knows me…

Bianca,DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy

But I’m just babbling now. Same old Bianca, see?

Bianca,DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy

Just a little more grown up now. It’s amazing what two months can do, isn’t it?

Bianca,DiPotere,Sims 2,Legacy

Oh, but it was just a lovely wedding, and I do wish you all could have been there. One day I will come back and visit, and you can meet Joel — you will just adore him, I know.

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me, Sister Maria. All those years I was so angry at the world for taking my parents…But the Lord gave me you to help get through it, and I’m so glad He did. I wish you could see me now, but I’m afraid for now pictures will have to do.

All my Love,

Mrs. Bianca Jeffress-DiPotere

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  1. pieridae permalink*
    September 25, 2010 9:36 pm

    This chapter was updated on 9/25/10. I’m doing the best I can with all these pics taken on my old crappy laptop. 🙂 And those horrible ultra-realistic skins! Whatever was I thinking!

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