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Bianca: 1.2 Miss Emmy Arrives

January 3, 2010


On the third night Bianca had been in Strangetown, an oddly dressed woman appeared, walking through the moonlit night light an apparition. The woman was dressed as a gypsy, with gold chains and a gold sash tied around her brightly colored peasant dress. The woman paced back and forth in front of Bianca’s lot before Bianca finally approached.


“Um, hello,” said Bianca to the strange woman lingering near her mailbox. “Can I help you?”


The woman smiled, giving a flamboyant wave of her arm. “I am Miss Emmy, Fortuneteller extraordinaire, and Matchmaker to the Stars!” said the woman. “Do you require any matchmaking services, seeing as you’re new in town? Not that you look like you need any help, mind you. Your look is quite lovely, may I ask where you are from?”

“Well, I am quite new in town…in the country, in fact,” said Bianca. “I come here from Italy for…for many reasons. We have many women there who possess the gift of sight — or fortunetelling as you call it. My name is Bianca DiPotere. It’s lovely to meet you.”



“Yes, why?” said Bianca.

“Nothing,” said Miss Emmy. “Just…just a familiar name, that’s all.”

“Really?” said Bianca, “Because I’m…”

“I must be going,” said Miss Emmy. “I will be in touch.”

‘The people here are so strange,’ thought Bianca as she walked away. ‘Maybe that’s why it’s called Strangetown.”


Crystal ball, give me your sight.

Let what is dark fall in your light.

Show me what I seek to know,

Tomorrow’s wisdom now bestow!


“Could it be possible?”


“A DiPotere lives!”

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