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Bianca: 1.1 Welcome to Strangetown

January 2, 2010

Chapter One: Welcome to Strangetown

Bianca 1.1

Bianca stared at the plot of land that was her new home. She was now the third DiPotere woman to venture into this barren place, but Bianca did not know this. She barely knew what had drawn her to the town at all.  The Internet story had been so compelling…so believable…but how could she believe?

A ghostly cry for help hidden among the angsty teen blogs which littered the World Wide Web? It hadn’t been the story, though, so much as the blogger’s name that caught her eye.

Mirabella DiPotere.

“And DiPotere means family,” she said aloud.

Bianca 1.2

Gaia howled, breaking Bianca out of her daydream. “Oh sweet Gaia, you are my family too. And you will give me the first of lots and lots of precious kittens to love. How about 20?”

As she snuggled Gaia, Bianca thought back to the devestating and mysterious house fire that had claimed the lives of her parents. To this day, no one knew by what miricle she had escaped, but someone had carried her out to the lawn that night.

Bianca 1.3

“No time to dwell on that now,” she said, dropping Gaia to scan the paper for her number one priority – a job.  She hadn’t realized, when purchasing the large lot  that it did not actually contain a house.  The movers had unceremoniously dumped her belongings on the empty lot.

Bianca 1.4

Living on the lawn…what a life, she thought as she eyed the want ads.  After having decided to apply for a job as a local campaign worker, Bianca tried to decide what to do next with what was left of her day. As she thought about taking a walk downtown, a lovely woman in red walked past, and Bianca smiled. A new friend, she thought.

Bianca 1.5

But though she tried to initiate a conversation, the woman refused to speak. Was she a mute? The woman in red dismissed that theory by muttering one word. “DiPotere,” she said, and walked away.

Bianca 1.6

“Well, that was strange,” said Bianca. “How on earth would that woman know my name?” In an odd way, though, Bianca felt validated. This seemed like the sign she had been waiting for…albeit a creepy one…it was still a sign that would tell her she’d made the right decision in coming to this foreign place.  Bianca had arrived in Strangetown…all she needed to do now was begin her legacy.

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