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A Letter from Maria

December 7, 2009

Dear Miss Emmy,

Yes, I received your letter. All of them, in fact. I am only writing to you now to request that you stop. I don’t want to hear about the DiPotere Legacy, all I know is the DiPotere Curse. I’m sure you know Mirabella is dead. You were off traipsing about Italy, and I was away at college. We could have saved her, but we weren’t there.

You asked about my college pursuits. It was a nightmare, if you really want to know. Mirabella wasn’t there for me to call. Mother wasn’t there for me to call. You weren’t there for me to call. Dad had turned into some kind of automaton. So, I made it through the freshman year in a daze.


I did a lot of painting that year, and I did a lot of thinking too…about Mirabella, and Mother, and the whole bloody mess that has been my life. Dad left before I was even a teen, and then Mother died. You were nowhere to be found. Why didn’t you write sooner? I grew into a young adult, and Mirabella died. I had no one.


Sophomore year I continued my painting. I thought about being an artist, but what came out of my head was too painful, so I decided to major in physics instead. I began my relentless pursuit of knowledge. It filled up my time and kept the painful memories at bay.  Friends were out of the question; I was still too much of a mess.  I became the quiet girl in the dorms, and that was just fine with me.


By junior year, I was a 4.0 student, but there was no real joy in it for me. I spent my time completing assignments, writing papers, and playing my upright bass. Nothing seemed to take away the pain that seeped through my mind. I decided to stay on the physics track, and live out my college years in the dormitory. Everything I needed was there, and the random influx of people kept me from becoming a hermit. In fact, the only real pleasure I was to find during those long four years was in the discovery I could influence others to do my bidding. Finally, a reprieve from the endless papers and assignments, as my dorm mates were happy to do these things for me with a little “convincing.”


I also took great joy in forcing that obnoxious cow mascot to clean.


When senior year was over, I was more that ready to leave. But where to go? I couldn’t go home. Back to where Mira and I had shared so many memories…I just couldn’t. I wonder often about the cats, and mother’s tombstone, but I’m just not strong enough to go there.  So that’s how I came to live here, with Bella and Dad. At first, I hated Bella. I blamed her for everything, as Mira had taught me. Soon, though, I began to get to know her, and she opened up doors to a world I never knew existed. Dad, well, Dad isn’t Dad anymore, he’s just…a thing.


Bella is the one who was finally able to help me. She taught me how to let my anger out…to let it grow and build until I could use it against those who would hurt me.  She taught me to focus and let the anger flow through me like a volt of electricity, and that, when I wanted, I could release it onto the world. Dad, in his weakened state makes the perfect target to practice on.


I shock him with volt after volt, and he simply sniffles and walks away.  What a weakling.


But not me. For the first time in my life I feel strong. I’m learning potions and spells, and soon, Bella says we will move on to the next level in my education. I don’t know what that means, but I am excited.  Bella even got me a job at BellTech Labs, which, as it turns out, she owns. I’m doing Paranormal Research now, and Bella says the sky’s the limit.


Bella is everything I need now. Unlike Mother, and Mirabella who left me alone. Unlike Dad, who’s become unrecognizable from the man I once knew. Unlike you, who weren’t there when I needed you most.

All I ask now is that you let me be.


Maria DiPotere-Goth

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