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Mirabella #4 – Hunted

October 16, 2009


I was so mad at Dad last week. I’m still mad to this day. How could he?  How could he leave us?  How could he be with that evil woman?  Dads are supposed to protect their daughters, you know.  And mine did nothing.

I knew there was something not right about that Bella woman from the moment I saw her, and now I have proof.


I was looking at one of Maria’s paintings the other day, and I started thinking about Dad, and how much Maria missed him. Oh, she would never complain, but I know it hurt her. I kept thinking about Dad, and Maria, and I was determined to do something to fix the situation.

Maria was becoming obsessed.  She painted night and day, pictures of her and I as children.  She was getting good, but there was something tragic about her work.  I couldn’t look at the pictures without feeling empty.  I can only imagine how Maria felt.


Every day, Maria spent more and more time by mother’s grave.  Her anguish was almost unbearable to watch.  I missed mom, but Maria was crushed by the weight of her grief.  She needed out, to get away from all the memories and start to look forward to her future.  We decided it was time for Maria to go to college. She’d put it off long enough.  We had one  final breakfast in our childhood home, and I watched my precious baby sister go off to start her new life.


As she waved goodbye from the cab, I knew it was go time for me as well.

I had my own plans.


The rest of the afternoon I prepared. I was going to get the evidence I needed on Bella…one way or another.  After driving to a secluded spot where I could watch for Bella’s arrival home, I hunkered down and prepared to wait.


I waited.


And I waited.


And I waited.

At last my persistence paid off. As Bella approached her home, I found a large  shrub to hide in, and watched.  What I saw I couldn’t believe.


I watched as Bella entered the house. She made a beeline for Dad, and suddenly slipped into some sort of trance. Dad, who used to be so brave and so strong, trembled in fear, staring at her.  What kind of strange power does she have over him?  It was all I could do not to run in there and drag him out.  Maybe I should have.


When Bella emerged from the trance, she sat on the sofa and Dad began working out like a madman. Bella just sat and stared.  Dad had always been a workout buff, but this was no ordinary exercise.  There was something, something compelling him.  I was to find out only too soon this was merely a distraction.

A distraction which served to keep Dad from seeing what she would do next.


I watched horrified as Bella walked appeared on their small deck escorted by a large shaggy dog.  This was no ordinary dog, I could tell, even from my hiding place.  The beast’s hair was pitch black and looked oily, somehow.  But that wasn’t it.  Worst of all, the dogs eyes glowed.  Yellow pools glowing in the night.  As I watched, I saw Bella raise her hand and the dog’s eyes glowed brighter as he stood transfixed.


When she lowered her hand, off the dog ran.  Off the deck he went like a bolt of lightning through the night, across the lawn…


…and straight to where I stood.


I tried to hide, but it was too late.  The evil dog knew where I was, and Bella had sent him to kill me. I could only sit, paralyzed with fear as the same reaper who had taken my mother, came for me.


So, now you know my secret. I am dead and gone. Years have passed since my death.  Maria is through college now; I have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman. But she is in danger…the gravest of danger, and she doesn’t even realize.

Maria has moved in with Bella and Father.  And there’s nothing I can do to save her.

And so I plead, as only a ghost can…through the electronic world of the internet. Little did I know, when Mother gave me the computer so many years ago that it would become my saving grace, for we sad creatures known as ghosts can communicate quite easily through electrical devices.It has taken me a while, but now my story is there for the world to read, and I beg of you…there must be a DiPotere woman left, somewhere, who can help break the curse.

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  1. pieridae permalink*
    October 16, 2009 3:20 pm

    This is one of my all time favorite chapters. It always makes me sad that the picture quality is so bad (my old shitty laptop). I wish I could go back and take them again, but there’s no way. Everything worked out so amazingly; things I could never have planned for. I didn’t mean for Mirabella to die. While she was “stalking” Bella Goth, she was actually staged on her own lot. The dog with glowing eyes happened to be there at the exact moment Mirabella was crushed by a satellite. You can sort of see it by the dog’s head. This is yet another example of how this legacy came to be called “Cursed.” Anyway, hope you’re enjoying it. I’ll be back next Friday with another chapter!

  2. Sizza permalink
    February 6, 2010 6:21 pm

    Poor Mirabella :O

  3. Whispered_Rumor permalink
    January 23, 2013 1:53 am

    Awesome AWESOME chapter! 😀

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