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Mirabella — Entry #2

August 6, 2009


After Mom died every day became it’s own little series of trials and tribulations. Dad had moved down the road with that crazy witch and Mom was gone. What more is there to say? There I was, with Maria to look after and no one to look after me. Miss Emmy up and disappeared after Maria’s birthday party, so that left no one. Maria and I even took to sleeping in Mom and Dad’s old bed. I was heartbroken, for sure, but Maria’s whole spirit was crushed.


I took it upon myself, as the DiPotere Heiress to make things feel as normal as they could. Dad would come over whenever I called, thankfully, he’d just moved down the block. I thought about asking him to move back in with us, but it just didn’t seem like an option. Mom had her reasons, so I had to trust that. Besides, he was different, not the same Dad I knew. I honestly don’t think he’d have moved in even if I had asked.


I decided to get my grades up and try for college. It was a last ditch effort, sure, but how could I not try? I worked so hard, and drank my body weight in espresso. During those late night study sessions (go ahead, call me crazy) I felt Mom’s presence everywhere.


I just wanted what was best for Maria, and I figured a college degree would help me get a better job. We even invited the headmaster of StrangeTown’s exclusive private school over for dinner, so that Maria could get into the school of her dreams. I didn’t realize how badly Maria wanted this opportunity until I saw how amazing she looked that night, and how hard she worked to make the place look perfect. She really went all out for the headmaster.


In a creepy sort of way, he seemed taken with her too.


But, whatever, it worked. The headmaster even called Maria the next day to chat. She kept working to help me, too, trying to help earn enough for another jug of elixer so that I could have enough time to make college happen. I had no idea how much work it was to make magic happen without Mom and Miss Emmy around to help. We were so close, too. We just had enough to get the vial of elixer, when…




First, as an official grown-up type person, I decided to get a job. Luckily, I was able to get a job in my preferred career field right away. Yes, I said “luckily!” I didn’t aspire to be a hot dog slinger forever, you know. I dreamed of becoming a celebrity chef!


I still tried to make time to help Maria with her school work, just like Mom and Dad did. She’s so smart, though, I felt kind of silly trying to help her at all. I still feel bad sometimes, thinking of all the years I held Maria back from her dream of private school…my grades were so bad back then the headmaster wouldn’t even come to the house for a visit!


Maria and I were really getting the hang of the DiPotere power thing. We even came up with a thinking cap, which enhanced our ability to learn. I’d put that crazy thing on once to learn some mechanical skills, but Maria – knowledge seeker that she is – wore it all the time. Honestly, some days I’d have to remind her to take it off before she went to school!


So, that was pretty much our life. I worked hard on the potions and money trees that Miss Emmy taught me as a child, but I know I could have spent more time working on the mystery of the curse. I just wish there was a way for Mom to have told me what she’d discovered. The solution to the curse seemed farther away every day, and without Miss Emmy there to guide me, most days I felt like I was just barely keeping myself afloat.

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