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Eliza: Chapter Sixteen: The Visitor in Red

July 26, 2009


“You need to get over here, Emmy!  Please!”  Eliza gasped into the phone, trying to choke back the tears that threatened to pour from her dark eyes. In an instant, everything had gone all wrong.

“Eliza,” said Emmy.  “Eliza, is everything all right?”

“No. Everything is definitely not all right.”

“I’ll be right over,” said Emmy, and hung up the phone with a click.


All Eliza could do was wait, and watch as Darryl fell under this woman’s spell.   Eliza agonized over what she would say to Emmy. How could she explain all that had happened? Eliza was afraid Miss Emmy would never forgive her for keeping vital information secret for so long, but what could she have done? She didn’t even believe it then, how could she have convinced Emmy?  As Eliza changed out of her pajamas, she finally decided she would tell her friend everything.


“Ah, so Darryl the Romance Sim is finally showing his true colors,” said Emmy as she walked down the sidewalk toward Eliza.

“Oh, please Emmy,” said Eliza.   “Do you really think I would have called you over here just to watch the show?  This is…this is different.  Just watch.”  

As Miss Emmy watched, she realized Eliza was right.   Something was odd about the whole interaction.  Everything the woman said, Darryl repeated.  When she talked about astronomy, he talked about astronomy.  When she talked about friendship, he talked about friendship, and on and on, until it seemed their minds were completely in sync.


“What’s more,” said Eliza, “nothing seems to distract him from this woman. Go ahead, try to get his attention…or hers for that matter.”  Emmy looked skeptically at Eliza, but sure enough, as she walked over by Darryl and this strange woman, Darryl didn’t even blink her way.   Miss Emmy returned to where Eliza stood, and glanced back at Darryl and the woman in red. There was something unnatural about the woman, a distant faded look in her eyes, that made Emmy shiver.


“Let’s go inside, Emmy,” said Eliza. “There’s a lot more I have to tell you.”

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. Nissi permalink
    July 27, 2009 12:51 am

    How strange. D: Oh, now I’m so curious.

  2. Potential_fate permalink
    July 29, 2009 4:02 pm is that Bella goth?

    this… is interesting.

  3. pieridae permalink*
    July 30, 2009 1:26 am

    🙂 Thanks.

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