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Eliza: Chapter Fourteen: Decisions to be Made

June 26, 2009


Eliza now spent her days comparing the skills and personalities of her two daughters.  One needed to be heir, and must be named soon.  Eliza wasn’t foolish enough to think she’d live forever.  Mirabella, as the oldest daughter, was the likely choice.  Eliza knew this.  Mirabella even  showed an interest in learning the “family secret,” as Eliza called it, but she was so easily frustrated and bored, Eliza did not know if she would have the tenacity to continue the search for family Mirabella had never even met.


As the days passed, Eliza felt more and more conflicted.  How could she make such a decision when her girls were still so young?  How could she burden them with such a task?  And the worst thought of all, the one which kept her awake during many long sleepless nights:  What if the one she chose disappeared?  What if, in the simple act of choosing an heir, Eliza was sentencing one of her daughters into a place where she could never be found again, like cousin Isadora, or Great Aunt Bella Donna?



There were everyday concerns as well.  When Maria brought home a cold from school, and passed it on to Mirabella, Eliza thought she would worry herself into an early grave.  The girls coughed and coughed, and of course neither would sit still long enough to get some rest.


Terrible thoughts ran through Eliza’s head…of there being no heir, of Isadora lost forever, of the Curse never being solved…but with a little patience and TLC, the family was back to their healthy selves in no time!  A big part of the healing process was Miss Emmy.   Miss Emmy knew of Eliza’s frustrations in choosing an heir.  Once again, she was a fixture at the DiPotere residence, providing comfort, guidance and assistance to Eliza.


Emmy spent a great deal of time with Mirabella, and was convinced she was the correct choice as heir to the DiPotere Legacy. Eliza was not so sure, though, and always managed to change the subject when it arose.


Mirabella had highly unusual habits, and didn’t seem to care what others thought of her. Eliza often found her playing pirate in the bathtub.  When Eliza questioned Mirabella on the appropriateness of this game for a teenager, she would simply shrug and say, “I like it. It’s fun, so why not?”


Eliza had to give Mirabella credit, though. Regardless of her aversion to homework, she was a fast learner, and Emmy already had her working on potions.  On the other hand, though, she was just so unpredictable. Eliza recalled how she had watched in fear one night as a police officer had crossed the front lawn.

“Awful thoughts ran through my head,” Eliza recounted to Emmy. “I stood, paralyzed, by the window as I watched Mirabella talking to the officer. Imagine my horror when she began to follow him to his cruiser!”


“And do you know what it was all about, Emmy?” Eliza continued.  “A kitten!”

“What?” said Emmy.

“She went and adopted a kitten, and the animal control officer dropped it off,” said Eliza. “Oh, was I mad! I thought Mirabella was getting arrested!”


“Little Bailey is adorable, but she could have at least told me about it!”

“And then there was the time she almost set the house on fire..”

“What?” exclaimed Emmy again, looking truly perplexed.


“The nanny had left a dessert uncooked on the counter,” explained Eliza. “And Mirabella thought it would be a good idea to set the thing on fire! With no cooking skills!”

“I remember that,” said Emmy. “To her credit, it was a baked alaska, and it actually turned out well…or would of if it hadn’t been rotten to begin with. But I wouldn’t say she almost burned the house down.”

“But she could have!” said Eliza. “She just…she just doesn’t think.”

“Rather like someone else I remember,” said Emmy.

“Oh, don’t play the guilt card with me, Emmy,” Eliza said. “I know I was young and foolish. I want the next generation to have a head start.”

She paused.

“And I don’t want Mirabella to get herself killed in a fit of impulsiveness.”


“I see what you mean,” said Emmy thoughtfully. “Well, the decision will wait for now, but it won’t wait forever. You can pass on the secret of the family curse to only one female heir. Sooner or later, you must decide.”

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  1. Sizza permalink
    February 5, 2010 11:01 pm

    Haha, I love the little stories of Mirabella’s antics XD

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