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Eliza: Chapter Thirteen: On a Special Day

June 25, 2009


Eliza enjoyed being a mother in her prime. The stress and anxiety she felt as an adult melted away and, for the first time in her life, Eliza appreciated the small things. A special favorite was soaking in a bubble bath while Maria splashed. To think of all the times she had scolded Mirabella for splashing, when she could have done this!


Mirabella had always been a difficult child, she knew that. There seemed to be no end to her need for fun and entertainment. There were many days Eliza feared the social worker would come take her away for bad grades, because nothing could get Mira to study.  Nothing at all.  Eliza loved her oldest child, but also fiercely hoped Maria would be more studious and less playful.


Eliza had come to grips with the fact that she would likely not reach her lifetime want of becoming a mad scientist, nor would she uncover the mystery of the DiPotere curse. That torch would pass to one of her children.  She prayed that either Mirabella or Maria would be up for the task.  Eliza couldn’t imagine forcing one of her girls into the role of heiress if it wasn’t welcomed, but she also couldn’t imagine the search for her dear cousin, or answers to the family curse, being lost forever.



On a very special day, Eliza called her dear friend Miss Emmy.   Emmy arrived for the festivities, although a great mystery hung in the air.  Where had Miss Emmy been all these months?  Having never seen Eliza in her elder form, Miss Emmy smiled and embraced her friend in a hug. “I guess I will call you Miss Eliza now,” she said.

“I’m so glad to have you here today, Miss Emmy,” said Eliza. “Both of my beautiful girls are growing up today, and we’ve all missed you so very much.  Where have you been?”

“I’ve been on an important journey to Italy, dear,” said Emmy.

“Italy!  Well, then we can’t blame you for missing Maria’s first birthday, can we?”

Emmy remained silent as to the purpose of her sudden disappearance, and Eliza knew better than to press her friend for details.  Eliza realized if Emmy wasn’t forthcoming with the information, then she probably didn’t want to know.  Some things were best left alone.


Eliza ushered her friend into the house and gathered together her family.  The group watched as first Mirabella…


…then Maria transitioned into the next phase of their life.


Eliza knew she would not be around forever. She watched her two girls with more than just a motherly love now.  She was looking for an heir.

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