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Eliza: Chapter Nine: Struggles

May 31, 2009


Life suddenly wasn’t what Eliza expected.  She and Darryl were thrilled to be expecting, and also terrified.  The endless stresses of daily life were exhausting, both mentally and physically.   Their new house was coming along slowly, bit by bit, as the money trickled in.  Darryl still hadn’t proposed, and Eliza began to wonder if he ever would.  Then, just when things seemed bad, they managed to get even worse.


Eliza was placed on maternity leave, and after a recent demotion to Test Subject was bringing in only $217 per workday. Meanwhile Darryl was struggling to make a name for himself in the athletic world and brought home even less than Eliza.   At a time when they needed money the most, there wasn’t any to be had.


Even the birth, what Eliza had always dreamed of as a miraculous event, occurred while she was alone at home.  Darryl was off mascoting some local sports event.  Eliza’s vision of a perfect family was falling apart.  She tried to keep the connection with her past alive, though, and in keeping with the DiPotere tradition, Eliza named her daughter Mirabella, a variation of the name of her great great aunt Bella Donna.


Eliza and Darryl found parenthood, especially without financial support, was a tiring and trying time.  Neither had the time or energy to keep their needs met, and Eliza’s friendship with Miss Emmy began to fade away. One by one the money plants died of neglect, and the DiPotere household was being pushed to its limits.

Darryl, with his love of romance, seemed to be taking the situation especially hard.


One day, Eliza found a strange looking man doing something to Darryl’s head.  She screamed, and the man floated away.

“Who was that?” Eliza screamed.

Darryl looked down at the floor and mumbled something incoherent.

“What?” said Eliza.

“He was my therapist, alright?  He helps me.  After all, you don’t have time for me anymore.”  With that, Darryl ran out the door.


Eliza opened the door to follow, but was distracted by another strange looking man, this one wielding a large ray gun. Eliza slammed the door and watched as the man used his weapon to annihilate her furniture.


Once Eliza’s chess set was reduced to dust the man turned to face the window where she sat watching. “This is a warning. Pay your bills or next time it will be something even more valuable.” Eliza was terrified. Who were these strange people? Why had she come here? How would she ever be able to uncover her family’s secrets if she couldn’t even take care of herself?

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