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Chapter Twenty-Four: Where Evil Resides

July 21, 2007

Chapter Twenty-Four: Where Evil Resides


A full round moon sat high in the sky on the night Miss Emmy went to find her old friend. It’s soft gentle glow covered the landscape and cast Emmy’s long shadow upon the ground. The night was warm and still, but Emmy felt electricity in the air. She took one last glance back toward the DiPotere’s house, trying to capture the essence of the scene in her mind, for Emmy truly did not know if she would return.


There was no fear in her heart, only love and great concern for those she might be leaving behing…poor sweet Bianca, the precocious Phebe and, of course, Allie. At this moment in time, though, this one moment in time, Emmy knew she had to focus. For there was another DiPotere out there in the darkness of Strangetown, one who needed her help.


Maria DiPotere. She had sounded in a panic earlier on the phone. Maria has screamed for Emmy to help her, so save her from her prison. She sounded desperate. That, or this was an elaborate trick, another of Bella Goth’s schemes to destroy Miss Emmy, and the last of the DiPotere line.

Emmy’s money was on the latter.

Maria had never forgiven Emmy, not that Emmy thought she should. Emmy could barely forgive herself for not being there in Maria’s time of need. The day Emmy received Maria’s letter, telling her to stay out of her life forever, was one of hardest days in Emmy’s long life.


As she approached the monstrous estate where Maria lived with Bella and her biological father, Darryl, Emmy wondered why Bella had kept Maria alive for so long. Whe did not ponder the situation long, for there was a noticable shift in the air’s energy as she approached. The house simply resonated evil.

Emmy shuddered, and began her slow procession up the stairs.

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